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Originally Posted by Jord View Post
Just had our PDI today... Wow what a fricken disaster. No counter tops, trim missing on lots of the doors, light fixtures installed that are supposed to be pot lights, the wrong colour grout, many damaged pieces of hardwood kind of looks like water damage, paint all over the door hardware and hinges... The step that goes from the front entry way up to the living area is actually noticeably crooked. The guy from Urbandale even agreed he said "this is embarrassing". Like how are they even going to fix that?? It looks structurally crooked! No garage door, no drywall in the garage, no backsplash, no range fan... Like it's just so sloppy looking and thrown together.

The delays were super frustrating but this just put me over the edge. We're supposed to close next Thursday. I have a feeling we're going be bugging them for months to fix all this stuff. They're so disorganized and the level of quality is just terrible they're just scrambling to finish these homes.

I really hope you guys have a better experience!
How were they allowed to do PDI with that much missing...

We have ours in two ish weeks and this scares the crap out of me.
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