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Default Admins: Please change the sites' "random question"


First, apologies for what may seem like a rant... TL;DR - red

I'm not sure if this was mentioned somewhere else on your site (I couldn't find it), but I would strongly suggest that the site change the currently set "random question".

This is coming from someone who spent a frustrating amount of time trying to figure out the answer AND as it is required to reset my password, I was almost forced to create a new account just to post (I eventually figured it out). Also of note, this seems to be the only question that you have the option of answering (i.e. it doesn't cycle like regular "secret questions" you find on banking sites or even basic CAPTCHA functionality). Effectively, you could be losing new members/old members or getting a superfluous amount of duplicate/triplicate/etc. accounts because of this.

The problem with this question is that it's ambiguous AND you don't accommodate the color blind!!

For those curious, the question is "What was the colour of the $2 bill?".

My first thought was brown. No dice. So, I Google it exactly as is - and the first hit is:

"The 1986 $2 bill is dark terra cotta in colour with pastel colours in a rainbow pattern"
I tried "terra cotta", "dark terra cotta", "dark terra cotta in colour with pastel colours in a rainbow pattern"... no dice! So I google "terra cotta" and I come across this page after a few drill downs:

On that page is "Terra cotta (color), a reddish-brown colour" - so I try "reddish-brown" no dice.. then I try "red" ... BOOM there you go.

Holy cow! It shouldn't be that difficult

Thanks! Just a suggestion...
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