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We bought a year in advance Aug. of 2010 and moved in the middle of Aug. 2011. Melody wanted to push back the closing and I said no and they just sort of agreed to it, which our lawyer said they didn't have to. I think the reason they agreed is because they didn't give us much notice. I had many disputes with the Sales rep who is not working with Melody anymore. I have no had any interactions with the 2 women that have taken over but our friends have and I think it is better. The saving grace for us is the assistant site super, who is a work horse and very easy to deal with and is working hard to clear up issues home owners have had for years. I commonly see him still at the trailor at 8 or 9 at night trying to get caught up. Great guy and really tries to make the homeowners life easy.

When we bought there were 4 or 5 ravine lots left. Sales had slowed down, I think mainly because people were waiting for Zancor to open, us included and once we looked at the pricing of the Zancor homes Melody's sales went back up. Our model is the 5 bedroom McQuay, it was the house we liked the best and we are happy with our choice. We didn't add a lot of upgrades from the builder, but have made a lot of changes since moving in. I believe the brandford is the model home, the people directly across from us have that model and are happy. Given the number of lots left I think you are very close to us. If you would like upgrade ideas or would like to hear more about our melody, you are more than welcome to see our house and the upgrades we made.

I would be suprised if they move the closing date up and here is why. If the foundation is not already poured, it is unlikely they will pour until spring and with spring there could be a lot of rain which will slow done the work. Melody started working on our home in the spring which was a bad spring and it stalled the work progress. They were rushing to meet our Aug.13th closing date. If the foundation is in and framing has started it may happen, once the house is closed in they can move pretty fast because weather doesn't play as much of a role. In an ideal world a builder can finish the house is probably 10 weeks give or take a week but the trades bouce all over the place and a lot of times don't work on one house, complete it and move on to the next. They generally are working on a few homes at the same time.

We were going to the house almost everyday while it was being built. I was able to catch a few mistakes and realigned some of the pot lights prior to insulation and drywall. It saved us a lot of headaches we would have had after we closed the house.

My biggest complaint is the amount of garbage on the site. We have 2 big dogs and they get walked at least once a day around the neighbourhood and the amount of garbage old building materials is crazy. I will also say that I know home owners are dumping their garbage in empty lots which makes no sense to me. Yesterday I saw a christmas tree in a lot, why would you want the area around your house to look like a dump? Melody needs to do a better job with cleaning up the garbage on the site.

Sorry for my ramble, my wife and I talked about it on the weekend. We paid probably 100k less for Melody in compared to a Zancor house and we gave up certain things but for us it is worth it. Once all the lots are complete the garage will be much less of an issue, the interior finishings are nice on the Zancor homes but I will make those changes myself.
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