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Originally Posted by LJF View Post
Hi Felix,
I have bought from new construction (Mattamy as well) previously. We did buy the water heater, however looking back I'm not sure it was entirely worth it. The cost in 2006 was about $14,000 and you get the same 10 year warranty as with renting. It does save you about $2,000 over the 10 years vs. rental, but then you're out $14k that you could have put as a lump sum on your mortgage. If you're going to stay past 10 years, maybe it will be worth it? Not sure what the life span of a water heater is, mine's making funny noises now and it's almost 8 years old. Just had it serviced in November.
Thanks for your reply Lisa! So I'm guessing 8 years later, the buy out will be much more now. $14K is steep. I guess buying out the contract is far out of reach for us

Either way, I'll let you guys know when I hear back. In case anyone hear wants that option.
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