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Originally Posted by Chigu View Post
Hi everyone,

It seems like people think that Potlights have to be done by the builder because of the electrical. This is completely FALSE, potlights are easy and no mess to put in after the fact and it can take less than a few hours and it will cost less than $100 a pot light.

I am going to start a GROUP buy, my house isn't ready until August 2014, so hope people can wait that long. I will get quotes from 2-3 different companies and see which one is the best. If we can get everyone together we can probably get a great rate. PM me or post in this thread

This is not urgent as most people don't take possession until sometime in 2014. Please PM me

Your name:
Contact information:
Tentative date of possession:
How many potlights:
- internal main floor:
- internal top floor:
- external:

Also if you have some you want in weird or different places i.e. in Art niche's etc.

I am going to get a quote for the better quality LED potlights (they last longer and consume less energy)

Just to give you guys an idea on prices. In 2010 I had potlights installed in my home on the main floor all at a cost of $75/pot light (from memory), all of them were placed on Dimmer switches.
Hey. It's been a while since you started this thread. just wondering how it turned out? Did you manage to get the lights installed?
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