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Hey Lordsxo,

I asked the same question regarding the electrical panel. I was not too concerned with it but i would rather it in the alternate location if possible as well. Good choice on the stairs as we went through the same thought process on upgrades that would be hard/expensive to do later down the road.

As you mentioned we have our foundation now which has been insulated with hay on the floor until framing starts. This week it looks like the porch and stairs are being poured since the weather is cooperating. The framing has started on the last house to the right of ours (towards ludolph st.) which is exciting knowing that they are on our side of the street now!
We are waiting for our Mattamy University invitation to come in the mail. Usually 3 - 5 months before closing day.

Lordsxo when is your closing day if you dont mind me asking? I believe Amanda mentioned May which is only one month after mine.
We will attempt to keep you all posted on progress of Olivia st. as Kelsi and I tend to visit every Saturday and do not currently live very far away.



Originally Posted by Lordsxo View Post
It's been some time for anyone to post. My wife and I have had our apointment at the design centre. Spent most of our money on the stairs with stain to match Hardwood was the biggest money grab, $700 for the guy to grab a different can of stain. (of course, it would have been a real hassle to do it afterwards.

We also got our address too.

I went out yesterday to look at the lot. I saw that Jerermy's lot has a foundation now, must be exciting, and everyone's lot is marked out on our half of Olivia, with the curbs and the first layer of the road paved.

Anyone else with the Indigo conserned about the placement of the electrical panel? The main location is right at the bottom of the stars in the basement with all of the equipment sticking out quite a few inches, walking by it everytime that you go to the basement. And it would be a nightmare to finish everything with all that stuff.
When I signed, I voiced consern, and the sales told me that it would most likely be at the alt location, and the lady at the design centre told me that it all had to do with where the utilities go into the house. Now visiting my lot, the mains are all there waiting for the house to be started, where the one for my place is leading to the side that would get me the unfavorabe location. I'm almost tempted to buy a case of rye and pass bottles out, encouraging everyone to set the panel in the alt location.
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