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Default Backup generator - unusual implementation

Wondering if I could provision my house to use a backup generator by putting a 240V outlet in the garage. Would be nice to keep power going to the fridge, furnace, water heater during a power outage. Here is what I have in mind...

In the event of a power outage, turn off the main 100A breakers, flip off any breakers that you dont want to provide power for, and plug a portable 240v generator in the garage into the garage outlet. Open garage door for ventilation.

A bonus is that youd have a 240V outlet for an electric vehicle in the future.

This would work in my mind but Im not an electrician. Id certainly consult an electrician before pursuing this.

Not sure if the breaker running to the garages 240v connection would work in reverse or if Id need some kind of special double throw breaker.

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