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Originally Posted by john and Mo View Post
Phil, quick one for you--

Is there something in code that says a light fixture must be at the top of a set of stairs? There is no light anywhere near the top of the stairs to my basement, the nearest light being in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs to the top floor--which completely block out any of the light from this fixture reaching the top of the stairs to the basement. The light at the bottom of the basement stairs is switched by 3-way switches, as I believe code requires, but there is not light at the top.
Basically, the building code statest that "every stairway shall be lighted". It does not give any detail on what this means in terms of location of fixtures and the amount of lighting. I think the intent is that sufficient lighting is provided that you have sufficient illumination to see the stairs and railings.

If the stairs have more than 3 risers, then 3-way switching is required with switches at the top and bottom of the stairs, except for unfinished basements, where only a switch at the top of the stairs is required. Most new homes have switching from the top and bottom of the stairs whether or not the basement is finished.
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