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Old 2009-09-01, 01:10 AM
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Default EQ3 Comments

I had randomly stumbled upon this while searching for information about the "Lola Sectional" that they carry.


Reading all the comments is making me think twice...
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Old 2010-06-26, 07:19 PM
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EQ3 is part of Palliser Furniture and Palliser is a good brand from our experience. They are far better than most US brands I have been exposed to.
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Old 2010-08-30, 10:02 PM
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We have a Lola sectional. And, perhaps not surprisingly, we waited much longer than promised. It took months .

Soho West - Kanata

Uh...make that Trailwest...
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Old 2011-05-10, 12:49 AM
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Default Whether it is necessary to charge bonuses in an online casino

Today an overwhelming majority many of online casinos give free bonuses to their players, both on the first deposit, and on the subsequent winnings.
It is not a secret that all loyalty programs are created introduced for keeping players in the casino.
However the gambling-house the casino management never forgets about their own benefit. Offering a bonus in the form of prize-winning money charges, the casino, as a rule, enters an extortionate rigid algorithm of winning back each gifted dollar.
All know it is not a secret that, the law of large numbers is always on the casino side, therefore winning back bonuses can bring the player to ruin.
Today rates of winning back bonuses in various online casinos fluctuate from 1:10 to 1:30, which as a matter of fact is the latent mechanism of depriving too trustful players of money. Moreover, in some casinos there are rules according to which if a client refuses bonuses after the charge, all prize of the client is written off from the account.
The most democratic liberal online casino for today are GrandCasino, 21nova Casino, 888 Casino, JOKERBANK, AceKing.
But even on acceptable just conditions of winning back bonuses, skilled players don't advise beginners to fall for this bait.
In the online casino as well as in traditional gambling houses it is possible to hit the jackpot earn money only under condition of a careful game on different tables.
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Old 2011-07-19, 07:31 AM
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We are thinking of buying from Eq3 but hesitant due to negative reviews.Anyone with positive comments?
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Old 2011-07-19, 08:58 AM
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Their furniture is made off-shore and only upholstered in Canada - supposedly. I personally look for how the furniture is made and do not trust the majority of stuff made in China.

Some reputable companies may have their own factories in China or their staff there to supervise the quality control. In that case, it may be ok but companies who hire Chinese manufacturing firms and provide them specs without anyone monitoring the manufacturing process - good luck! Unfortunately, slowly but sureley, most stuff is starting to be made off-shore.

I look for things like a hardwood frame and spring/coils and the quality of the foam. When no spring or coils are used, expect that sofa to sink pretty fast. Kildried hardwood frames are the best. Two companies from Quebec that make good furniture are Jaymar and Via Furniture. I know where you can see them in T.O. but if you're in Ottawa you may have to email the company to find out where their furniture is sold/displayed. Jaymar is better priced than Via and good quality. My sofas are 13 years old and you can barely tell. Via has a slightly superior construction and is a bit more pricey but a very good quality product.

There are also a lot of companies out of the USA who make very good products. Beware, it's not because it's made in Canada that it's necessarily superior either. There are brands that are ok but not great.

Problem is people don't ask those questions, they're only interested in price point. So often salespeople hate you asking these questions unless they sell good products. When they tell you "not to worry" about it, you should! lol

Take products like Natuzzi. Beautiful pieces from Italy - though they now have a line made in China (mostly sold at Sears) that has gotten a lot of bad reviews online. Nonetheless, they do not use any spring/coils in their construction and it is known to sink quickly.

Depends what you're looking for. I personally like quality so those things matter to me. In the GTA, Direct Interiors (DI) will get you the best prices for both Jaymar and Via. Jaymar has quite a few pieces on display at DI and Via has a showroom at the International Centre in Mississauga. They have beautiful pieces. But you have to call in advance as the showroom is not open daily.

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