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Old 2006-04-19, 09:36 AM
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Default A/C Brands

I'm looking to get central air before this summer. There seems to be a very large price difference in the brands. I know that Lennox and Carrier have good reputations, and seem to carry a price tag to go with it. What other brands are worth looking at? Keeprite seems to be reasonably priced.

We plan to be in our house for a long time, so we are looking for an A/C that will be durable and reliable. Any recommendations?
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Old 2006-04-19, 10:35 AM
oakvillehomeowner oakvillehomeowner is offline
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i know it's pricey (i bought in late feb/early march so i got a deal), but my carrier has been rock solid reliable, quiet, and efficient for the last 2 years. if you're doing your furnace as well, consider a 2 stage setup - that way you can run both on low speed so your air gets filtered/circulated more cheaply than 100% fan speed even when you don't need heat/cooling. it's a big price tag, but consider the hydro price increases & get the best you can afford. if i was doing it again, i'd put my compressor in the shade. - good luck.
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Old 2006-04-19, 11:32 AM
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Default A/C Brands

Hi Jumpin' Jack,

I sent you a PM.

Carrier has been around for a long time and I believe is the leader in the industry. Lennox is also a very good name in HVAC systems and appears to be offering A/C units that provide lower dB operation, greater efficiency/SEER ratings and longer warranties vs. similarly priced Carrier units. This is from my research on the manufacturer's websites and speaking with a number of A/C vendors. Unfortunately, Consumer Reports haven't had the opportunity to test the new models for 2006.

Best of luck finding an A/C unit.
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