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Old 2015-05-27, 01:15 PM
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Default Water under furnace (Air conditioner, Mattamy)

Anyone have any issues with a puddle of water (not too bad but definitely not normal) forming under furnace when A/C is in use? This house is only 6 yrs old....my last place had a 20 yr old A/C and there was never an issue. Is this another Mattamy shortcut?

People have mentioned that the coil could freeze and then drip when thawing. This makes sense in a way because I had the A/C running all night since it doesn’t seem to be cooling the house properly. Turned it on at 7:00 pm when thermometer was reading 76 degrees, 4 hours later it was only down to 75 (and this could have simply been due to outside air cooling off). So if the air isn’t cooling to begin with, would it even freeze the coil? Any tips would be appreciated 

Very hard to tell if the air is cool coming out of the vents. FYI our humidifier has been tuned off “summer” setting since February because the windows were bleeding big time….
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Old 2015-05-27, 01:44 PM
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I'd recommend putting in a call to an HVAC tech to diagnose the issue.
When was the A/C installed? After 6yrs old, I wouldn't call this a "Mattamy shortcut".
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Old 2015-05-27, 01:57 PM
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Air conditioners drip water, this is a byproduct of how they work. There is normally a plastic drain hose that leads to a floor drain. Is it possible that your leak is occuring somewhere along here? Perhaps the hose got disconnected, popped out of the floor drain, or has a crack in it?
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Old 2015-05-27, 02:08 PM
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I'll check the drainage better when I get home (stuck at work wife at home notice the issue). Seems to be coming from right under the furnace itself rather than the drain hose though looking at pics from my wife. Filter is dry.

As for Mattamy "shortcut", yes that may or may not be the case. But I just bought the house last summer, the A/C didn't work when we did our inspection, previous owner had it fixed, and from there it still didn’t work great, and is worse now this Spring again. Also our windows were bleeding terribly to the point I can see early rot forming on sills where water was pooling this winter so we have had the humidifier set ot off “summer” since mid winter – not sure if that might be a related issue.

Anyway we love the house, but are aware of some sub-par work done by Mattamy back around the time ours was built in the Ottawa area.
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Old 2015-05-27, 04:35 PM
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It could also be the furnace coil drip tray outlet hole is gummed up by dust and grime built up over the years.

An easy test to confirm compressor is working is to go out and touch the fitting on the cabinet that the copper lines connect to. It should be cold and wet given the humidity today.

Coils can freeze because of too much refrigerant, or too little air flow. Make sure the filter is clean and if its a very fine particle filter, try a cheap fiberglass filter. That will maximize air flow.
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