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Old 2022-06-19, 09:12 PM
Vojtech Csaszar Vojtech Csaszar is offline
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Default Frozen Garage Door

Hello everyone.
Each year it is an issue but this winter was the worst experience. Our garage door bottom seal in the morning was frozen to the concrete floor. Anyone experienced the same? If so, what did you do about it?
Thanks for your responses.
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Old 2022-06-23, 02:59 AM
freddy_boy freddy_boy is offline
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I have experienced the same problem. I installed some remote thermometer/hygrometers around my house and also in my garage. I discovered that the humidity could reach 70% in the winter in my garage. As a result, condensation would build up on my garage door and the water would drip to the cement floor, where it would freeze. I found that if I left the garage door open for hours, the humidity level would drop. This is not an ideal solution.
This summer, I plan to install a 12-inch ventilation fan in the garage. I want to be able to vent the moist air out of the garage when I see that the humidity gets too high. I understand that most of the humidity comes from a wet car, or a car with melting snow on it. I am hoping that the ventilation fan will accomplish the same thing as leaving my garage door open.
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Old 2022-06-24, 11:29 AM
Vojtech Csaszar Vojtech Csaszar is offline
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Join Date: May 2022
Location: Ontario
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Great idea fans to reduce the humidity in the garage.The snow from a car will melt as you mentioned and accumulating at the buttom seal.By the morning is frozen.
What about installing the heating tape under the seal, problem is solved.If that is what you are after. No suprises in the morning.
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frozen garage door

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