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Old 2015-12-17, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by smurphette View Post
Newked - I definitely hear you and second your frustration. We are at 9 months since closing and are only just now seeing satisfaction on some of our big issues. We respected the process and even tried Tarion conciliation with very little satisfaction. The small items may never be addressed especially now that (encore) is opening. I've been told by multiple trades that they are closing houses in (encore) in worse condition than ours was - and I've been told ours shouldn't have closed in the condition it was. Sadly, I don't expect to see anyone from Minto for months to come... so our small items may have to wait for year end. All that said I can't compliment enough the couple guys that work for Minto and try to come and "clean up" the poor workmanship left by others. These guys are incredibly hardworking, professional and do everything they can to try to make the process easier. Sadly there are very few others trying to ensure the same experience. It's a sad joke that every time a trade comes to fix something they end up breaking something else...
Like you I've had multiple Minto homes - that will not happen again. Not after this experience.
So for any new buyers looking for tips - here's what I've learnt through this process:
- don't get the upgrades (except for the flex plans). We didn't want to deal with contractors after the fact and just wanted a ready made house with all our upgrades. We knew we were paying more but thought the price was worth saving the hassle. Almost all of our upgrades had issues and have required either re-install or repair. So much for not having construction after moving in.
- Save all your paperwork and get everything in writing. Even then after doing all your signing on every line and paid extra for upgrades that doesn't mean the paperwork will be honoured without a fight.
- Take time on your PDI - you will be rushed and told that its all ok - report on your 30 day or 24 hr. It's not - when it comes to big issues the trades always refer to the PDI paperwork and it's mentioned that you didn't report it then.
- Request the 30 day Tarion conciliation - you can cancel 24 hrs in advance if all is taken care of. Just know that a future date for repairs is satisfactory in Tarion's mind even though their paperwork says "completed repairs by conciliation date". You won't win and it's a frustrating step but it does jolt the builder into action to try to get things done by the inspection date.
- Don't give up - this one is hard because sometimes we just wanted to say, fine we'll fix it ourself. That's what they want. Keep on them and keep escalating higher and higher within management till you reach the top. All that fancy paperwork about building you your dream home isn't worth the paper it's printed on if the top execs won't stand behind it.

We are finally starting to feel like we live in a house and not a construction site... maybe one day I'll feel differently about this process but for now it's no more new houses...
Basically the only person from minto that didn't drive me nuts was one from the repair staff I won't mention his name but he's a french guy and he's a heck of a guy. The poor guy however was called every 2 seconds and still he did more in the time he was at my house then all the others combined. The inspectors have attitude problems and just want you to shut up and take your house "as is". I actually had to request another inspector as I couldn't stand talking to my inspector anymore. I have wanted to kick them out of my house so many times due to the way they talk to me and I truly believe these guys are given an incentive not to fix stuff. So many broken promises and so many lies. I've actually been called a liar from the staff for some of the least important things you could think of... Needless to say I had received a few referral bonuses in the past and this time around I'd rather not get the money because I can't have a friend of family member go through all the crap we went through... I used to think that minto made a decent home with a decent resale value but now they are charging above market for some of their homes and are delivering JUNK.
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Old 2017-01-13, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by RecOne View Post
Get them to fix that. If its the wrong hight they have to fix it. If drywall is not up it shouldn't be a problem. If dry wall is up make them tear it down.
If they offer you some type of compensation instead, demand triple what they offer. I can give you the contact info for the MasterCare Director if gets to that point. I know it could be difficult to work with the Mastercare inspectors and manager sometimes. They try everything to avoid fixing problems. I had to go to the Director to get things done.

Our Kitchen backsplash was installed the wrong way on a 45 instead of 90 degree. Gave us a headache just looking at it. They didn't want ti fix it at first. Tried to offer us compensation by refunding the cost to uprgadewalle. I said yeah sure plus include free central air and refund me the price of my floor tiles aswell. There reply back was sorry sir we will fix it we can't include AC or refund floor cost.

Very helpful reading, thanks
I would like to request the contact of the MasterCare Director if you don't mind & if it is okay with the forum rules here, I'm kind of new......
We are closing in the first week fo March so I'm making the list of stuff to check, read up on people's posts & also try to go through the Tarion guide. This is our first house buying experience (from the builder directly...)
Thanks again
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