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Old 2011-02-03, 11:20 PM
cdnchris cdnchris is offline
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Question Highmark Homes?

I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with Highmark Homes in Ontario? I've tried looking online for any information or reviews I could findm and I've come up with nothing.

We're looking at a development in Whitby called The Valleys of Williamsburg built by Highmark Homes and we want to know if they are reputable builder.

Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 2011-02-03, 11:25 PM
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You can look up any builder through Tarion to get a list of any legitimate complaints.


If anyone has their own opinions, please share them in a PM instead of posting in the forum. Thank-you.
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Old 2011-02-13, 01:18 AM
kancho kancho is offline
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I know one guy who bought from them, He told me they are ok. But he just got delayed.
I was looking at that place but because of the limited lots and limited plans we looked elsewhere.
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Old 2011-09-13, 10:08 PM
Lot332 Lot332 is offline
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Default Delayed

Purchased in Williamsburg. Delayed. Mixed feelings. Happy with builder.. Not happy with the third party they use to provide the Deco Ration centre.
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Old 2012-02-06, 11:36 PM
menlo menlo is offline
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Smile Highmark Owner

Have purchased from Highmark within the past 5 years. The quality of most of their building surpasses other builders in the area (we owned a previously well built home in Whitby prior). They are like most builders, and there are delay's as well as 'issues' that you'll find in all new homes. But all in all their homes are well built, good quality materials, nice options and no major issues.
Don't spend a lot on upgrades (all builders get you there) but don't skimp out on the important stuff (like upgraded underpad for carpeting, wood stairs (they're killer to do later), take advantage of their finished basment option (hassle free building and it's done all at once - and warranted!). The quality of some of the workmanship isn't 'custom' but it's good builder material. Would recommend and buy from them again.
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Old 2015-04-20, 04:58 PM
Repooc18 Repooc18 is offline
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(wow, last post in this thread was from 2012?!)

Did anyone else go to the "VIP Preview Opening Event for Highmark's 'Orchard Phase 2' launch in Whitby this past weekend?

We arrived shortly after the 11:00AM opening (maybe 11:15ish) and received a wristband with #120-something on it... So, I imagine that 120 people must have lined up at 11:00 for 16 available homes?!? We went inside the show home and it was an absolute zoo.

We went in knowing what model and lot we wanted but had no idea what the pricing would be (as they didn't release this info beforehand). They didn't have pricing included in the brochure/packages either, but rather printed and posted prices on the wall (I took pictures). Needless to say, we were a bit deflated to see that the home we wanted was "VIP priced" $930,000 (regularly $945,000) BEFORE any upgrades are added. I guess their advertising didn't technically lie when they said "prices starting in the high 700's".... they just failed to mention that only 2 models were less than $800,000 and everything else was was $900K up to $1.3M.

I thought I was disappointed with the prices, but when we left, I decided to walk around the back of the Phase 1 homes to see the size of the back yards.... I'm am NOT kidding, when I say you can literally spit from your rear patio door and hit the rear fence on these 50' wide lots (they are SOOOO shallow)! I can't believe people are actually buying into this madness of having this size of house with a postage stamp-sized back yard! Forget ever having a pool, and practically looking over your neighbour's fence and into their yard/windows from inside your home.

Considering that this entire community is pretty isolated from anything walkable (I certainly wouldn't want to walk/bike down busy Thickson road that has no sidewalks or bike lanes). And the yet-to-be constructed park, looks to be mediocre at best, leaves me to believe that the kids in this community will be the kind to sit in front of a TV/computer/gaming console, rather than go play outside.
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Old 2017-03-18, 09:52 PM
jocker77 jocker77 is offline
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Angry Terrible Builder

Its a good thing you didn't buy from these guys cause once they receive that cheque you will never see them again. its a constant battle to get things done. Customer service is like more do little and save money. Terrible people. They will do anything not to do the work they were paid to do so be careful what you say and do. And don't trust anyone. Just my 2 cents
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Old 2017-03-22, 03:47 PM
Repooc18 Repooc18 is offline
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wow, really eh?

What development did you buy?
Orchard Phase 2?
or those modern-looking townhomes (forgot the name).

Always unfortunate to hear of builders that don't have good customer service. However, in this type of RE environment, they can certainly afford to put in minimal effort and still have buyers climbing over each other to buy anything.
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