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Old 2015-03-25, 05:27 PM
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Default 2015 Whitby AC Group Buy

Dear Building Homes Whitby Community,

Four Season Comfort Heating and Cooling has been fortunate to provide the Building Homes community members HVAC sales and service for the last 8 years. We are pleased to announce the details of the annual AC Group Buy for the upcoming 2015 season. Please see the important information below to determine which air conditioner best suits your needs; just give us a call or email with your questions.

How to we determine which Air Conditioner size is best?
It is very important that your air conditioning unit is sized appropriately prior to installation. If the unit is undersized it will run continuously without reaching set point, particularly during peak hours. If the air conditioning unit is oversized, it will short cycle (turn on and off continuously) resulting in warm pockets of air in the home.
Below is a list of additional information we may require when determining how to correctly size the air conditioning unit in your home.
1.Square footage(excluding basement)
2.Ceiling height - main level and upstairs
3.Exposure(does the home back North, South, East, or West)
4.Size and number of large windows in the home

What SEER Rating or Efficiency is Best?
The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating, determines how efficient you air conditioning unit is or how much electricity it consumes. The higher the SEER numbers the more efficient the AC. Our cooling season in Southwestern Ontario is typically only 3-4 months of the year therefore I would not recommend installing a super-efficient high seer air conditioning unit as the initial capital cost takes a long time to pay off especially with a short cooling season. There are currently some rebates available through the OPA which we an authorized contractor and able to process rebates for our clients. Rebates are available on the Silver 14 ($250) and Silver 16 ($400). If you do plan to stay in your home for a long period of time the rebates help you determine if it make sense for the additional investment. Please contact me directly if you need assistance deciding what SEER rating would be best for you.

Below is a list of questions we would ask in order to determine what SEER rating is best for you.

1.Are you considered a heavy user? Do you set the air conditioner in May and run it until September without turning it off? Or would you only use the air conditioner on the hot humid days?
2.What temperature do you keep your home during the cooling season?
3.Do you prefer a colder setting or just enough to remove some humidity from the air?
4. How long do you plan to stay in your home. If you plan to flip your home and only stay for 5 years or less I would recommend the 13 Seer AC unit as it would take to long to get a return on your investment on the 14 Seer and above AC units.

What products do we recommend?
There are many air conditioning manufacturers available in the market today.
Premium products – these are sold and installed through a dealer network. Licensed and certified technicians are factory trained on installation and service.
Mid- Range products – these are builder quality products sold to any HVAC company, unfortunately sometimes by companies that are here one day and gone the next. I would be pleased to discuss the differences in product lines.
At Four Season Comfort Heating & Cooling we recommend the Premium American Standard/Trane line of products. We have installed hundreds of these cooling systems within the GTA. Both we and our clients have been very satisfied with the quality and reliability of this product line. The American Standard line of air conditioning units were rated number 1 by Consumer Reports in July of 2014! Other product lines are also available as well.

2015 Group Buy Pricing and Details
Below is some pricing for the American Standard/Trane Silver 13, Silver 14 and Silver 16 AC units. This pricing includes complete installation with wall mounted brackets and a 15ft copper line set and ESA permit required by law. Warranty is 10 years parts and 5 year labour. HST is additional.
Single Unit Pricing:
American Standard Silver 13 American Standard Silver 14 ($250 REBATE)
1.5 ton $2550.00 installed 1.5 ton $2950.00 installed
2.0 ton $2575.00 installed 2.0 ton $2975.00 installed
2.5 ton $2650.00 installed 2.5 ton $3150.00 installed
3.0 ton $2750.00 installed 3.0 ton $3250.00 installed
3.5 ton $2900.00 installed 3.5 ton $3400.00 installed

American Standard Silver 16 ($400 REBATE)
1.5 ton $3195.00 installed
2.0 ton $3225.00 installed
2.5 ton $3375.00 installed
3.0 ton $3575.00 installed
3.5 ton $3700.00 installed

Group Buy - Multiple Pricing Discount:
10 AC units deduct (115.00 per unit)
11-25 AC units deduct ($125.00 per unit)
26-50 AC units deduct (155.00 per unit)

In order to participate in this group buy we require a $250.00 deposit prior to May 01, 2015. Payments may be made by check or interact email money transfer. Once this deposit is received we will send an invoice showing the deposit has been received and schedule a tentative installation date. The deposit secures your pricing as well as your installation date. On May 02, 2015 we will determine how many participants we have in the group buy and apply the appropriate discount to the invoice. If the air conditioner has been installed and paid prior to May 02/15 we will refund the applicable group buy discount to our client via check or email money transfer.

MISC Products
We would recommend the Honeywell and April Air line of humidifiers as well. Group buy pricing on the Honeywell HE100 for homes up to 1700 sq ft is $350.00 installed. The Honeywell HE 200 for homes 1800 ft – 2200sq ft is $395.00 installed. April Air 700 for homes 2300-3100 sq ft for $625 installed plus HST. We also would recommend the April Air Steam 800 humidifier for larger homes.

Air Purification Systems
In terms of air cleaners we would recommend using a 3M filter for the first 6 months of your occupancy. I would not recommend making an investment on an indoor air quality system initially unless you are certain the ducts are clean. Once most of the construction debris has been removed from your ductwork I would recommend the Accuclean system which does not restrict air circulation like many of the media filters and other systems.

Please see some of our Client Testimonials


Please let us know if you have any questions at all, we would be happy to assist.
Best Regards,
Craig Newhouse
Four Season Comfort Heating & Cooling
416-524-7228 or fourseasoncomfort@bellnet.ca
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