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Old 2006-06-25, 05:37 AM
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Default For Those Considering VoIP

Please check out this aritcle if you are considering VoIP. Even though this is a US article, same issue's are here in Canada.



"However, even with a registered VoIP telephone, there are hazards. If the subscriber takes the device on the road to allow long-distance or international calling, any 911 call from the device would be routed to the registered PSAP, back in the home region of the subscriber."

"Several companies are already marketing consumer-level service, including Vonage Inc. and Packet8 Inc. Both have optional E911 dialing programs, which allow the customer to subscribe for a monthly fee, to submit the physical location of the VoIP device, and then to have any future 911 calls routed to the appropriate PSAP. Both of these companies have Web sites that are quite explicit that E911 service is not included in the basic package, the limitations on dialing 911, and that their VoIP devices operate on AC power, making the phone unusable during a power outage"

Last 2 quotes taken from the 2nd website.

Hopefully this helps everyone out if they are considering getting VoIP, please ask your provider how their 911 service works and if E911 is available and in INCLUDED in the VoIP package you are getting.....especially if that crazy monkey is going to start not only guarding the lots..but possibly break into a fit and going after people, ha ha ha.
Colin & Lisa
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Old 2006-06-25, 08:37 AM
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Good info...Thanks!

Kent & Christine Fraser
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Old 2006-06-25, 09:13 AM
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i have a friend who does this... we were at a conference for work and he was using this phone he brought from home in his room... said it saved him the long distance charges... so i asked him about 911 and he said that yes indeed if he called 911 from that phone they would think he was at home... then he pointed to the hotel phone on the desk and said 'i would call from THAT one!'

pretty much any place you can get an internet connection that you plug into would have a regular phone as well. you just have to call from the right phone!

i guess the exception might be a cottage or some other place you have specifically setup internet but no phone line.

Sean & Laurie
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Wheler's Mill
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Old 2006-06-25, 09:25 AM
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Some pros and cons on voip service:

We do everything for
Audio - Video - Data - Security
For Your Home - For Your Condo - For Your Office

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