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Old 2018-03-19, 11:58 AM
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Default New construction - light switch & receptacle in bathroom mirror


Was wondering if anyone had any experiences where the building placed the light switch and receptacle in the bathroom mirror instead of the adjacent bare wall?

First, it looks rather odd as part of your mirror is now blocked, you need to bend over the counter to turn on the lights and I would have thought it would be a hazard should water get into it.

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Old 2018-03-19, 02:05 PM
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How close is the tub or shower? You need 1.2m (I recall - don't quote me) horizontal distance between any electrical switch and the nearest corner of the shower or tub. That's why in some bathrooms, the switches are outside the room. People don't like that, so maybe your contractor placed them on the wall with the mirror.

Edit: It's 1 metre. Closer, and you need the circuit to be GFCI protected. The vanity GFCI outlet can be close to (but above) the sink, and has to be on it's own circuit (hair dryers, etc.) ESA produces a booklet for homeowners to learn the relevant code if they do any wiring in their own home.

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