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Old 2019-08-29, 10:28 AM
suezuki650 suezuki650 is offline
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I have a kitchen like #3 and I love it. When you're the host and the cook, it means you can be with your friends while making whatever. The kitchen area, blends with the rest of the living space.

In my layout, I have a separate dining room and I enjoy it. I wanted to be able to host large family get together's despite downsizing. If you don't need that, layout #1 gives you a much larger, more usable living room. It's also less like a bowling alley than some of these are.

In the ensuite, you might want to see if there are options for a standalone shower. While I love my baths, I have another bathroom with a tub and I enjoy the walk-in shower in the morning.
Half Moon Bay South
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Old 2019-08-29, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by suezuki650 View Post
The only time I've seen a HWT on the second floor, it's been an on-demand system. This might be something to ask about as HWT's are all rentals and the rental on an on-demand system is high, as is the buy-out. Not a huge issue in the grand scheme of things, but nice to know up front.
That would make sense. It's probably new for townhomes. I have never had an on-demand system as I've always been recommended against it due to the amount of washrooms in our homes we've configured. I have had friends with on-demand systems in their basement and it takes forever for hot water to get into their ensuite. It's probably better upstairs for that reason alone (maybe?).
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Old 2019-08-29, 11:38 AM
Robin2 Robin2 is offline
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#2 / kitchen is tiny. if you're not cook and don't host any diner parties, then it could work.

#3 has great kitchen/main layout. have a flush counter top and can easily have 3 stools underneath plus a nice dining area and living room.
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Old 2019-08-29, 01:50 PM
Cookie007 Cookie007 is online now
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Personally I like #2 and #3.. if I recall, these are Minto townhomes right? Kinda looks like the Laguna, Haven and Monterey.

#3 - HUGE kitchen! love it. living and dining are together but is big enough to separate. You get pretty much everything with this but I guess that justify the extra cost. You get 2nd floor laundry, and the biggest basement of the 3.

#2 - I like the separate dining and living room. The kitchen is next to the patio, so there's more natural light. If you compare with #1, the living room is 17x10 and dining room is 10x10... while the #1 great room is just 19x12. Only cons I see is that the powder room is a bit close to the dining room (at least its not facing) and no 2nd floor laundry. Master bedroom is huge.

#1 - just my personal preference, I find in "small" towns, there's really not need for long hall ways and these big stairs. it takes a lot of room. the basement/family room is the smallest of the 3. it does have the biggest 2nd bedroom of the 3. plus it has 2nd floor laundry that #2 doesn't have. And as someone above mention, if you don't really need a dining area... this could be a good choice, since you can effectively use it as a huge living room with the natural light.

just my 2 cents.. congrats and exciting times!
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Old 2019-09-01, 04:49 PM
bluejeans bluejeans is offline
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I would pick #1 or #3.

Plan #2 is the worst IMHO. Dining room is essentially a traffic intersection for foyer, washroom, stairs, kitchen and living room. Once you put a table in there, it will feel more congested. May not be a big deal since it is only you in the house but just saying. Kitchen lacks cupboard space for storage. At least #1 and #3 have a pantry.

Which ever plan you choose, think about the following:

Centering the ceiling light over the dining area: Figure out what size dining table you'll have and where you want the ceiling light to be so it is centred over the table. Often it centred in the middle of the room by default. That could mean traffic pathways are included. Make sure to let them know before the electrical goes in otherwise it may drive you nuts seeing the light fixture off centre from your dining table.

Sitting at a breakfast bar sounds great but think how much you would actually use it when it is flush with the counter, narrow and right in front of the sink. Don't make your decision on this alone.

Plan out your furniture layout before purchasing. Many people don't. Then they move in and can't figure out a suitable spot to put the TV in the living room once the sofa/chairs go in because there aren't any more wall space.


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Old 2019-09-01, 08:35 PM
Cookie007 Cookie007 is online now
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One thing to also consider, since you're young and this is your first house, I'd say to put more emphasis on location or block since it seems like you already decided on a community (i.e no rear neighbours, end unit, good front view, no utility box on property, etc.). As much as it is exciting now, the chances this will be your forever home is slim, so definitely consider other factors that may come up when it is time to sell your house. again, good luck!
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