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Old 2006-01-20, 09:16 AM
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Default Cogeco Free Trial?

Hi all,

Our new house in Milton is set to close in just over a month, so I'm preparing to contact all of the utilities to get things set up. I'm looking into cable and high-speed internet through Cogeco, and I'm wondering if anyone has gotten a "free trial" for cable from them? I know that Rogers gives new customers free trials for at least a few months (I have one friend in Mississauga who got free cable for a year - all channels, Movies on Demand, etc.), and Iím wondering if Cogeco does anything similar, or if the promotions they are advertising on their website are the best deals Iím going to get?

Any input is appreciated!

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Old 2006-01-20, 11:40 AM
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I'm wondering if anyone has gotten a "free trial" for cable from them?
There are builder promotions available, that vary from 1/3/12 month offers, these are set up by the specific builder. Best bet is to confirm with your particular builder.

There are great promotions on right now, you may want to give them a call and see what's available at your new address.
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Old 2006-01-21, 09:39 AM
Darlene and David Darlene and David is offline
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Default Cogeco

We moved in to Milton mid Oct of 2005. We had booked online for hook ups etc. and had received a call confirming all but..................... when the day came no one knew anything about it!
When I called to get info. I was informed that no record existed and started to book another appointment, We were informed that we would have to pay CASH/CHQ to the technician when he arrived as we were new customers. We also came from Mississauga were we had been Rogers customers for over 20 yrs! Great credit and never a problem.
When we closed the account we were told that because Rogers owned 1/2 of Cogeco we could expect a rebate/concession on hook-ups LOL because there was no concession and no way in hell were we going to give anybody cash/chq at the door!!!! ( apparently this is normal biz. practice with a lot of companies)
So we got Bell Satellite/internet services and would never go back to cable again!
All digital channels/time shifting about the same price ($6 cheaper actually)
Hope our experience helps you make your decision
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