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Old 2011-10-28, 01:08 PM
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Default Phoenix homes in Barrhaven?

Just checking out local builders.. I had my eyes set on the Roverbend from Minto ($575k) or the Westlyn from Mattamy ($500k) but now I see that Phoenix homes is building in Barrhaven and has been building for a while.. Any ideas why their homes are so cheap compaired to the others? The Cheasapeake which I fell in love with is only $500k, I say only because compaired to Minto's Riverbend, that's a huge savings considering its alot nicer and larger (3500sqft as apposed to 3200).

Is there something up with the area that I dont know about? Any dump or major construction happening that I should stay away?
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Old 2011-10-28, 01:14 PM
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get a spec sheet from the three builders and compare it line by line

go to design centres to see what is standard finishes

and read the thread on Phase V >> http://www.buildinghomes.ca/communit...ad.php?t=13800
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Old 2011-10-29, 11:23 AM
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I think you can't find the 500K cheaspeak model in barrhaven now. Westlyn from Mattamy ($500k) was around 450k before Jan.
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Old 2011-10-29, 12:15 PM
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Not a fan of Phoenix, I'm sure every builder has their unhappy clients but the Phoenix Homes and owners that I know are unhappy with their homes. Issues with hardwood flooring, heating (no insulation on an outer wall, drafty windows, leaks in basement, still unresolved after 1.5years) in what was supposed to be their dream home.

Definitely check what is standard with the homes, that's usually a good starting point for finding price differences.

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Old 2011-10-29, 02:15 PM
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I don't have any personal experience with Phoenix Homes so I don't have much to add. My buddy owns a Phoenix Homes in Strandherd Meadows and he has been generally happy so take it for what it's worth.

I believe Phoenix only builds singles in Strandherd Meadows (I did see a Phoenix sign on Jockvale near Stonebridge area but that could be towns or terrace homes). That area could be busy/noisy when the bridge is completed so maybe the price reflects the location?

Speaking of *cheaper* homes, i recently walked into a sales office of a builder in Barrhaven (who shall remain nameless) and inquired about prices/availability for a new/inventory townhouse in the area. A sales rep asked me what sort of budget I have and I threw out a ballpark figure $300K which I don't think is too far-fetched, considering the nature of the current market.

The sales rep immediately told me to go talk to Minto and/or Mattamy because his company does not have anything in that ballpark. It sounds almost as if I was wasting his time. I was somewhat taken aback and certainly did not appreciate the condescending attitude but life goes on.
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Old 2011-10-30, 06:07 PM
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As other posters have mentioned, make sure that you check out the specs of each builder. I would budget on a minimum $100K in upgrades with a home in the 3000 square foot range, if not more. If you visit any builder model homes of this size, most will have about $150,000 in upgrades in them. Larger homes mean more of everything, lots more.

Also, don't rely on website pricing. Most web site prices are noted as "priced from" and will not include things like lot premiums. The price and/or model that you see on a web site may not be available in a particular location.
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Old 2011-10-31, 01:29 PM
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Default Platina Model Heritage Hills by Phoenix Homes

The house we are currently in was built by Richcraft and we have recently bought a Platina model home and only spent $25,000 in upgrades as we plan to do a lot of upgrades ourselves. This will save us a lot of money down the road and we can get nicer upgrades than what the builder offers i.e., hardwood and carpet. Just another option for people to consider.
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Old 2011-10-31, 04:23 PM
daisy33 daisy33 is offline
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I think the prices also reflect the difference on location as well.

Among those three, Minto's homes take the prime location.
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Old 2011-10-31, 07:24 PM
1luckygirl 1luckygirl is offline
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When I was looking I realized that Phoenix is cheaper than other but lower standards as others have said. A huge factor is their Chesapeake for example at the time was $505,000 for siding and stone skirt. If you wanted brick and stone skirt it jumped to $537,000!!! So, if you like siding you can save some cash. If you want brick by the time you add that and the cost to add some of the other builders standard inclusions, savings aren't that much. I think though location and floor plan are most important because everything else can be added or changed. Good luck.
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Old 2011-11-01, 01:14 PM
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Phoenix is sold out in barrhaven for single homes.
and the price list is outdated.
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