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Old 2019-07-09, 11:35 AM
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Just picked up the Bell offer in the mail and some of the wording really stood out to me.

We offer up to 1.5 Gbps.

Enjoy a credit of $55.00 per month* for 1 year.
*Credit earned at end of full billing period.

Prices may increase during subscription AND One time $59.95 installation fee applies with a 2 year agreement

There's also numerous catches in the small print, too many to mention.

I think I'll pass, I only watch the local news on Canadian TV.
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Old 2019-07-09, 03:22 PM
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The deal was sweeter than what I was currently paying and getting from Rogers. I did call Rogers to give them an opportunity to match (at least price wise) but they couldn't come close. I'll probably have to revisit this all in 2 years but that would be the same for Rogers as well.

Originally Posted by joetoronto View Post
Thanks for the info, Cosimo.

So I guess they offered a sweeter deal than Rogers, or was it content and or hardware you found better?

Rogers hardware is a joke, IMO.
My package included 1 GB download speed which for us was a big jump forward than what we were getting from Rogers. I don't have security/alarm from Rogers so I can't comment on that part of it.

Keep in mind that everything runs off of the central home hub (internet, tv and home phone) so they all share the same fibre optic line. The tech did a true speed test which blacked out everything and just tested the connection to the house. That test came back with approx. 1.5 GB download speed. I've done other speed tests where nothing is blacked out (so normal internet, tv and home phone use) and I'm getting around 400mbps each time I tested, which is still a lot better than what I had from Rogers.

Originally Posted by letstry View Post
good to know - let us know if they offered good deal for 1.5 GB download and 1 GB upload internet

they also have security system as well - not sure how its compare to rogers

cannt wait to switch - rogers upload is 30 mbps vs 940 mbps
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