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Old 2015-06-03, 08:40 PM
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Angry New Stouffville council won't improve public transit


It seems that some of our newly elected Councillors decided that Stouffville doesn't need public transportation and it's OK for everybody to rely solely on cars. We were supposed to have Transit Committee that would work with residents of Stouffville to make public transportation better within Stouffville, but the idea of having Transit Committee was rejected this week.
Here is the list of Councillors who voted against public transportation in Stouffville:
Council Ken Ferdinands ward 1 (rural ward) ken.ferdinands@townofws.ca
Councillor Hugo Kroon ward 3 (rural ward) hugo.kroon@townofws.ca
Councillor Maurice.smith@townofws.ca ward 2 (rural ward)
Councillor Rick Upton ward (4) urban ward Rick.upton@townofws.ca

15% of our taxes that we pay into York Region goes to public transportation. I don't know about you, but I definitely don't see this kind of money reflected in our current public transit in Stouffville. It's also important to note that having Transit Committee costs the town exactly zero dollars. The role of Committee is to propose plans and talk to residents about their needs regarding transportation. By voting NO, above members of the Council tell us that they don't even want to have a discussion regarding transit, and I think this is unacceptable.

I'm going to contact each of the council members listed above, and I encourage you to do the same. Even if you primarily drive a car, it would be better for you if other people were taking public transit, since this removes cars from our congested roads. Therefore I think having more public transit in Stouffville is beneficial to everybody.
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Old 2015-06-03, 10:56 PM
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I couldn't agree with you more.
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Old 2015-06-03, 11:01 PM
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What are the reasons for the 4 Councillors to reject the idea of a Transit Committee ?
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Old 2015-06-04, 12:11 AM
TomToronto2 TomToronto2 is offline
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There is more information in this article:

Since those councilors who voted NO are from rural Stouffville, I assume they use their 4x4 trucks to move around and they don't care much about public transit options. By the way, those are the same councilors who voted down the crosswalk in front of the Go Train station (those who use Go Train know how difficult it is to cross the street there).

Here is the article:

* * *

UPDATED: Stouffville councillor scolds colleagues after they scrap committees
Stouffville Sun-Tribune
By Sandra Bolan

There will be no municipal environmental or transportation advisory committees for this term of council.

The two new committees were voted down, four to two, Tuesday night with only councillors Iain Lovatt and Rob Hargrave in favour of them.

In arguing against the committees being formed, Councillor Hugo Kroon noted the municipality does not have a lot of input into those areas as they are driven by the region and province.

Hargrave, who is now a GO Transit user, replied to Kroon with “… you’re not a user and you don’t understand the importance of that”.

The Ward 6 councillor also suggested the other councillors who don’t use GO Transit try it, so they understand.

When the vote was made and the transportation and environmental advisory groups were not approved for this term, Hargrave was not shy about letting his feelings be known.

“I cannot believe the four of you. You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re not stakeholders,” Hargrave said.

Councillors Maurice Smith, Ken Ferdinands, Rick Upton and Kroon all voted against the formation of the transportation and environmental advisory groups.

One new advisory committee, however, was unanimously approved – special events. A proposed economic development committee was also voted down.

However, there are no funds available in the 2015 budget for the new committees, according to the June 2 staff report.

“Staff have expressed a concern regarding staff resources to support any new advisory committees as there is some difficulty support(ing) the current advisory committees,” stated the report.

Other groups approved for this term, which were already in existence, are the Downtown Stouffville Working Group as well as the Ballantrae and Lemonville Community Centre advisory committees.

The cemetery reference and Downtown Stouffville Farmers’ Market groups were discontinued.
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