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Basement Finishing and Renovations Has it been 2 years already? Time to work on finishing the basement into some extra living space.

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Old 2013-12-06, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by nileguy View Post
Im just curious if its just us. We have a Nile. AC has been going for days and the top floor is still smouldering. We close all the vents on the main floor/ basement/ and any rooms we don't spend time in just to gets some cool air moving in 2 bedrooms. It doesn't seem to push much air out of the vents. It feels cool but very weak. I tried removing the furnace filter but its the same.
Same thing reverse in the winter. Bedroom is a meat locker when the rest of the house is warm.
Any suggests?
As others have suggested and as you have done, changing the furnace filter 3 to 4 times a year will keep air flow good from the furnace. Your problems - "top floor smouldering" in the summer and in the winter the "bedroom is a meat locker" also suggests that you could have an insulation problem.

1 - very common in new home construction - the required insulation amount could be short in the whole attic or just in some areas of the attic.

or 2 - also very common with "some" builders - the insulation may not have been properly protected from air flow ( wind ) into the soffits. The resulting air flow ( wind ) blows the insulation back into the attic leaving voids where there is no insulation at all. Note the big pile of insulation, also a result of the air flow into the attic.

The infra red image below is in a second floor bedroom. The dark area is cold and it shows where insulation is missing in the attic. The insulation was blown back into the attic from the soffits that were not properly blocked as required by code. Frankly, this is a common problem.

This picture below - shows the actual blow back of the insulation in another home. The floor of the attic at the back corner has no insulation because it has blown back into the attic. On the right of the photo you can see a "batt" of white insulation that was originally installed into the soffit and it has also blown back quite far into the attic. All this violates the OBC.

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