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Old 2019-05-09, 10:50 PM
emma008 emma008 is offline
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Default buying near school or park

I am wondering if anyone can share their thoughts about buying a home in front of schools, behind schools or across from a park. Would there be more traffic? are they consider premium lots? upside/downside,etc.
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Old 2019-05-10, 07:08 AM
JCC JCC is offline
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They’re considered premium lots, although I’m not sure why backing onto a school is premium. If it’s a high school, avoid it like a plague. Teenagers are the worst. They’re noisy, and the annoying kids vandalize stuff for fun.

It does mean more traffic if you’re in their route - busses, teachers, parents.

Next to a park is nice and all, but again, it’s a high traffic area. You’ll have people walking around your place all the time, but you’ll also have cars parking in front of your house to use the park.

Get a corner lot not backing onto either. It’ll be a better choice and likely cheaper.
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Old 2019-05-10, 07:27 AM
heather86 heather86 is offline
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My sister has bought two houses now that back onto elementary school yards and loves it. If you're still working, you're not home during the day when the noise level is at it's highest. At night, it's quiet.
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Old 2019-05-10, 08:37 AM
hjuandok hjuandok is offline
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Bought in front of a park. I moved from downtown, so the feeling of the street being alive and having people around was a comfort. Its a big park, but because there's so many parks around, most people walk to the park closest to them. Most of the cars you see are just parents stopping for a few min to pick up their kids. This park doesn't have any soccer fields or baseball diamonds. I've experienced living near a park that did and the league play really increased traffic. A lot of parks seem to be on main streets, so you could be getting the main street factors mixed up with the park itself. The park I live next to is off of a main street but near the end of it, the 3 other streets that surround the park (including mine) are not main streets or throughways. Sometimes that's not the case. The view from the front of the house is so much nicer than looking at another house. Snow clearing is less of a problem in the winter, and laneways actually create more of a parking issue than cars parked next to a park curb. I'd say negative wise... at night, sometimes it feels like the park attracts some sketchy characters. Last summer when the power outages happened especially.. or people playing pokemon go and wandering around like zombies on their phones. Security is also a bit of a factor. Without neighbours across the street, there's less eyes and ears around. Many people have cameras, and obviously there wouldn't be any recordings from different angles if you did live across from a park and something was to happen. I had a dog, and now have a son, and the park being so close is just amazing. Quick run across the street to the splash pad, or the ice cream truck etc. I'd say its overall a benefit to be across the street from a park, a premium lot if you will.

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Old 2019-05-10, 01:57 PM
stittsville resident stittsville resident is offline
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I would never buy a house backing onto a school or a corner lot based on past experience of noise, auto and pedestrian traffic. Parks and green space are also a risk if they become a hang out area, but everyone has to learn for themselves. Nowadays it seems like builders put premium on anything which less common whether it's a positive or not, that's up to you. If you want it, it's less disappointing if it doesn't work out.
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Old 2019-05-11, 11:07 AM
Athome2019 Athome2019 is offline
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Last year we were SO CLOSE to buying a lot backing into a school; initially I was thrilled about it, but my partner didnít want it because if morning traffic and other traffic-related reasons. Now, as we still pass that lot, I have to say they were not wrong.. itís quite close and Iím sure that parents of kids going to that school would have been parked right in front of our home during events and other school-related activities. Wasnít our cup of tea. That said every lot has its pros and cons, and you need to determine whatís okay for you.
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Old 2019-05-12, 06:52 AM
Halton Home Inspector Halton Home Inspector is offline
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I'd rather look back onto a school yard then another home. Traffic effects everyone in a neighbourhood but only twice a day.
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