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Old 2006-08-02, 07:09 PM
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Question TouchStone Homes (Laredo Construction) in Spring Valley

Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if anyone on the board has had any experiences with the company below (TouchStone Homes). If so, what were your experiences and overall rating for the builder. They have a new project in Spring Valley (Brampton - Bovaird & Creditview), just wanted to get some re-assurances. Overall they seem pretty good, but there's no website (at least not since 2002), I am a bit leery of any company that doesn't at least have a basic website these days.

I have verified they are registered with the GTHBA and Tarion Warranty program. They won an award for the Town of Markham (Building Excellence Awards) in 2002, but other than that there's very little information available. Also is there anyone else considering the Spring Valley community on the West side of Creditview across from Fletcher's Meadow.

Touchstone Homes (Laredo Construction)
116 Viceroy Rd
Tlephone: (416) 798-7220


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Old 2006-08-03, 08:53 PM
willy77nilly willy77nilly is offline
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Thumbs up Found some more information

I have good news people, I was able to learn Touchstone Homes is also known as Canada Homes.

For anyone else thats interested they still have a lot of semi's and a few townhomes available in Spring Valley. I would still be interested in hearing from anyone that has purchased with or has experience with this builder.
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Old 2012-01-11, 02:38 PM
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We are currently renting a brand new town home built by Touchstone. We find the finishes extremely cheap overall, and in the basement where you can see a bit more of the construction, things look very questionable.

In our first month, the dryer ductwork all fell down. When we looked, it had just been taped to the wooden rafters in the basement ceiling (tape on wood = not very effective). They came and put it back up with the normal metal strips, but they didn't replace the duct, which was damaged in the fall.

The floor of the finished basement room (as finished by builder) has a massive dip in the concrete. They just threw the carpet on top and didn't properly level the floor.

The place was filthy when we got it as well. I don't know if this is common practice, but the vents are full of junk you can see if you look in them and there was wood and dry wall dust piles behind doors and in cabinets throughout the house and the tubs were left with dried grouting spills in them, etc. Many things didn't work properly, such as electrical sockets, lights, and door hardware. Perhaps this is normal in the industry?

Also, they have been very rude anytime we have called to ask questions to find out when things were going to be cleaned up. For instance, our front and back yards were full of shards of sharp metal and construction garbage. They never did clean it up, they just poured dirt over all of it.

Then, even though there were 2 months of great weather, they didn't sod our yards before winter and we have to live in mud until sometime in the spring. They did sod the side of the development where their phase 2 sales office is though. Coincidence?

Finally, all of the units here have massive condensation in the window sills (which appear to be made of pressed cardboard, as are the door frames) and they are all getting black mould and damage, even with regular cleaning. The builder blames the residents and says there is too much moisture in the air, but we find our home quite dry overall and we've never had this type of situation (actual puddles on window sills every day) in all of the houses and places we've lived, even humid South Florida, so this doesn't seem like a responsible assumption and their interest in even considering another option or scientifically verifying the situation is a bit disturbing to say the least. We have been waiting 3 weeks for an inspection and when I called to follow up for a date and time for inspection, I was yelled at that this was very little time to wait for a service call. In the meantime, if we keep it cleaned up, they will have nothing to inspect, so we have to sit with potentially dangerous mould that is damaging the unit.

Basically, poor quality overall from what we see, and terrible customer service. I am so glad that we don't own one of these things!
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