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Old 2022-08-26, 11:44 AM
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Default Toilets *Click* when water drawn in house.

Hi there,

All toilets in my house make a clicking noise when water is turned on/off elsewhere in the house (e.g., tap, tub, washing machine, etc). Is this normal? See additional detail immediately below. Video found here.

I have determined the noise is due to the "ball-cock" shifting when water is drawn elsewhere in the house. I have also determined that it is due to water being drawn and not drained (I.e., I closed the drain in the tub when turing on the water, and the toilets make the same noise still). The reaction/noise is more noticeable the bigger the water draw (e.g., tub tap, versus sink tap). It is a one year old home, and has done this since day one. The toilet brand is Gerber.

Additional information: My worry is this is an indicator of a wider problem, e.g. too much water pressure or something else. Though, the water pressure reading at the main valve was 70psi, which I'm told is within the range of okay.

Thanks so much for any thoughts!
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