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Stouffville - Mattamy On Main and Wheler’S Mill For residents and soon-to-be residents of Mattamys On Main and Wheler's Mill.

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Old 2008-02-29, 07:26 PM
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Robin, there is a proposed/existing walking trail I believe on the west side of Little Rouge and that is where the walkway with the fence goes. You can get to Stephensbrook if you to south (my sense of direction is pathetic so I hope I got that right) I think the problem is that when you walk north it doesn't go any where yet so you automatically think that it turns to go on the north side of Little Rouge as there is a big space between the houses and the forest. I think the plan is to cut the path through the forest and out near Merdock..but I could be totally wrong on that. I know there was a big contraversy about it being cut through the forest but I believe that is where it is going. I have only hear this through "the grapevine" and have no real information.
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Old 2008-03-01, 09:40 AM
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When we purchased our home backing onto the meadow/woods on Little Rouge Circle, there was a proposed walking trail indicated behind our house at the sales center. We purchased our house after most of the other people on our side of the street so I don't think that anyone that bought before us knew it was a possiblity. I think that is where some of the confusion comes in because anyone that purchased in Phase II after us probably thinks that the trail is still there. But, the trail was moved to cut through the woods and come out by the Stormwater Management pond on Merdock (as kea66 has stated). And yes there is some controversy surrounding this plan as well (even though they have already cut down the trees in that area). There is indeed a trail that follows the treeline behind the "curve" in Little Rouge (that is where the wooden fenced access pathway to the trail is) behind Stevensbrook and around the Stormwater Management pond. It will continue beside the treeline/SWM ponds throughout the Wheler's Mill development. The trail is there because it is actually an access road for maintenance vehicles (that is where they ran the sewer(?) line so they have to have access to it). It is difficult to tell where any trails are right now because they are unfinished and unsigned so I can totally understand the confusion. I also enjoy walking my dogs by the woods, and the trail system was a big reason why we bought in this community.

There is a huge problem though with some people just being downright disrespectful - like the individual that decided it would be a good idea to snowmobile (on two separate occasions) about two feet away from the fenceline in the protected greenspace, and the individuals that leave huge piles of dog feces behind my back fence (actually ON the fence on one occassion).

I do see the irony in Sean and I purchasing in a new development that backs onto a Woodlot because we love nature. But I don' t think that we are being "hypocrites" for wanting to respect and preserve nature. Purchasing on "prime farmland" was not our first choice, the fact of the matter is that there is NO WAY that we could have afforded to purchase a house in a mature neighbourhood in Toronto, for example. To spend $600,000+ on a fixer upper was just not in the budget, and we are not interested in becoming a slave to our mortgage (there is a great artivcle on the "Mortgage Enslaved Generation" in the March issue of Toronto Life magazine). But hey, weren't all of the cities in Southern Ontario once farmland, forest or Native settlements? I think that this just makes it more important to protect what little nature we have left and I think that the worst, most irresponsible thing that we could do is just say "Well they have destroyed so much of it already, what is the point?" I have identified 15 species of birds at my feeders this winter, and several rabbit tracks, fox tracks, and my nighbours have even spotted some deer. The fact that nature can perservere through all of the construciton and desruction is amazing. Please be respectful of it and lets try to cherish what we have left.


Sean & Laurie
Bassett Elev \'B\'
Wheler's Mill
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Old 2008-03-08, 07:36 PM
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I do not see how you can prohibit people in walking on land that is not yours. Your issue should be with Mattamy and the town. How can anyone stop anyone from walking on public land, even if the area in question is the responsibility of the "Conservation Authority". I do agree that people should clean up after their dogs, but when you tell people to not walk there, you are doing more than stating your opinion, you are disrespecting them. Here is your quote;

"It is not to be used as a strolling path, a short cut, nor a dog run. We would like to keep our community beautiful, and our homes respected."

I await your response...
Peter & Fotini
Laketon, Phase III

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Old 2008-03-09, 11:53 AM
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