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Basement Finishing and Renovations Has it been 2 years already? Time to work on finishing the basement into some extra living space.

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Old 2012-11-27, 11:12 PM
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Default Bathroom in basement

I am planning to finish the basement and have two questions:

1) I am wondering if it really makes a difference in resale value to have a full bathroom in the basement?

2) I had one guy came in for a rough estimate and he mentioned that payment terms are 60% at the start and 40 % at completion.
The guy does this as a site job during the weekends.What are your thoughts on this payment terms as i heard some horror stories where they take the initial deposit, work for 1 weekend and never comes back?

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Old 2012-12-06, 03:11 PM
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As a plumber myself and one that has done a number of basement rough-in's

1. I always recommend putting in a full bath. If your going through the effort of breaking the floor adding a shower isn't that much extra work. You can buy just a base and tile the walls or just get a full kit. Overall your looking at another 500-1000 depending on what you choose. I use mine all the time when getting home from work late and not wanting to wake up the rest of the house by showering upstairs.

2. If this guy takes more than one weekend to rough in the washroom find another guy. I can normally do a complete 3 piece rough-in in one day, two at the most but that's rare. This includes breaking the floor, completing the drainage, venting and water lines and covering the floor back up with ready mix concrete.
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Old 2012-12-06, 05:23 PM
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I would say if you plan on putting a bedroom down there, add a shower, otherwise just do a 2 piece. We did a 2 piece as we have no bedroom in our basement and we also rarely use that bathroom. If we had a shower I doubt we would have used it in the 3 or so years our basement has been finished.

That being said, it doesn't cost that much more so if you are spending $25K, another 1K is not a big deal really

As for your plumber, I am hesitant to pay someone that much up front. Not sure why he needs 60% up front. Sometimes that is for buying some materials but there isn't that much and if its a 1-2 day job, you should just pay based on completion of the job.

Did he come recommended? Does he have references? Did he provide a written quote? Is he licensed? Is he insured? If not, find another plumber.
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Old 2012-12-06, 05:47 PM
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imo a full bath will not add value to the resale, while a 2 piece could

it all depends on use of that level
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