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Old 2009-06-07, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by MiaK View Post
Hi all,

Anyone done any research on tankless hot water heaters? We signed up for one in our upgrades, but are rethinking our decision. After seeing mostly bad reviews (which claim were due to installation) we're not quite sure what to do?

The builder claims you NEVER run out of hot water BUT the water pressure is less and we need our water pressure.

They also claim it's energy efficient because you don't require all this energy to keep the hot water tank filled and heated BUT when you open the tap, it takes 30 or more seconds to heat up and everytime you turn the tap off you have to start the same process of heating again.

Another thing is it's the size of a backpack on your wall, rather than the large adult size tubular contraption we all have now.

Any thoughts or comments on those types of heaters?

We have a tankless for 2 years now & we love it No issues whatsoever. You do not run out of hot water, that's for sure (especially when you want to take a bath in your large corner tub ) & you do save on gas usage. I did not notice a big difference going from regular tank, maybe that you do have to wait a few more seconds for the hot water to come in, but it's no big deal. Just get a unit that is large enough for your family, there are many sizes to choose from, we made sure we got a larger unit with higher BTU output.
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Old 2009-06-08, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by SoNgMaN View Post
I've seen these guys mentioned before, but looking at their site they offer only 3/4" thickness in their "materials" section. do they offer thicker stone?
most places won't do stone thicker than that - it's too heavy. they can take the regular thickness with a plywood underlay and then laminate another strip to the edges/ends and polish it - looks like thicker stone without the weight/cost. my in-laws have 1" thick granite and it took 9 guys to install just the island piece - way too heavy.
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