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Old 2013-12-20, 12:43 AM
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Default HRV realities?

I'm still getting to know the heating system in my new house. I never had an HRV before and although I basically understand it and like the idea of more fresh air, I'm still a little suspicious as to how good a job it does and overall if it's worth it. Wondering about other peoples' opinions.

For a start, if I go outside, the outlet from it is blasting out really quite warm air while the intake pulls in freezing air. In theory there's some heat exchange going on in the unit but it doesn't "feel" like very much - it feels more like I'm throwing out tons of air I just spent money heating in exchange for freezing cold air I then have to pay to heat up! Feeling the duct coming out of the HRV and back into my return, the air it's introducing is freezing cold.

I realize this is all pretty anecdotal but how do others see their HRV operate - is the "freshened" air coming out of it and back into your system super-cold at this time of year or does it feel there is some decent heat exchange going on?

I've taken to turning it off at night and back on in the morning - seems a good balance between getting fresh air in the house, keeping it cosy at night and not throwing my money away! Would be nice if I could do this automatically or even have it on intermittent but it seems my control options are limited.

HRV is a Constructo 1.5ES by the way. To be honest taking a look inside it I'm not blown away by the sophistication! Wouldn't surprise me if it's way on the low end of builder units and this could be a big factor....
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