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Old 2013-10-30, 01:26 PM
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Default Help Tankless Water Heater's reviews needed

Hello Everyone,
Wondering if i can get some reviews from owners who have tankless water heater. I purchased a new home and will be getting water tank but was considering upgrading to one of those hybrid tankless water system. But do we really save money to justify additional 20 to 30 dollars each month of rental charge. If i can get some review back it will help me with my decision.
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Old 2013-10-30, 05:25 PM
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Save money? The short answer is maybe...

Speaking purely on a rental vs rental comparison

efficiency 60-70% vs 80-90%
Rental 25$ vs 35-40$

While you for sure will reduce your gas consumption.. You will pay more to rent it. OR buy it outright. 1500$ vs 3000$ All approx numbers..

You have to do the math but you have make up 120$+ a year in gas savings just to first break even..

My suggestion to customers over the years have been:
-If your family runs out now with a 50 gallon tank. Get a tankless or change habits
-If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and don't mind paying more to do that. Get a tankless
-If you would like to shower for an hour or 24hrs straight. Get a tankless

Basically the only time i felt it was the right choice was for families of 5 or more with older kids who shower on there own.

search this forum this gets asked about every 6 months I have addressed it a number of times in great detail
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Old 2013-10-31, 12:22 PM
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Default Thank you

Thanks TKG may be i didnt do proper search didnt find any thing on this topic. Good point on cost savings we are family of 5 no kids but females want there shower hot and especially taking turns one after another that 50 gallons has been small at my old home. As far as rent or own really like rental for peace of mind but as you said will do some math to figure out if it is worth the upgrade.
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Old 2013-10-31, 12:31 PM
Oxford Oxford is offline
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I returned my rental tankless and bought a direct vent tank for mainly three reasons:

1. It took longer for hot water to travel to the faucets. Many people say it should not. Well, maybe not in theory, but it took longer in my house.
2. cold water sandwiched between tap turn-on's. My washer never got hot water because it's one of those energy efficient ones that spurs water.
3. The rental is too high.

Very glad to have got rid of it.
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Old 2013-11-01, 01:23 AM
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We have our tankless (not hybrid) for 6 years now & love it! If you are planning to stay in your house for longer, don't rent - buy it! We don't rent our AC or furnace, so why rent a water tank Builders got everyone used to this concept because they profit from it Peace of mind, the $ you save in rental cost will pay for a "possible" repair that might not happen for a very long time. Never had any issues with ours, just a yearly or so maintenance with flushing with vinegar which is cheap & DIY friendly.
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