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Old 2008-07-10, 11:24 PM
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Default Feedback on Claridge or Ashcroft in Briar Ridge and upgrade costs

Hi there,

We were looking at Claridge and Ashcroft single homes in Briar Ridge on July 8th, while we wait for the next release of Fairwinds Mattamy Homes. The prices are pretty good for you get a 2 car garage, wide lots, more space between houses etc.

Can anyone comment on the quality of homes by these builders? They do not want to share costs for the upgrades before purchase. Does anyone know of upgrade costs for any addons? This will help us with the budget for the base price and upgrades.

Thanks all in advance.

The Gills
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Old 2008-07-11, 06:09 AM
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With Claridge: their upgrades are expensive, but you can get a good discount. Make a full list of what you want and the sales agent can give you the cost for these upgrades. Then you can put your office. For example, I know that someone purchased their Kalamanjaro which was listed for 376K, they added more than 30K of upgrades and get the house at the same 376K.

With Ashcroft: their upgrades are more reasonable, but window of negotiations is less. You may get 5K discount if you came without an agent.
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Old 2008-07-11, 08:05 AM
Katherine&Chris Katherine&Chris is offline
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Ashcroft built most (or all) of Central Park near Baseline beside the experimental farm and there are serious problems with the homes there and they are barely 10 years old.

Claridge - I've heard both horror stories (1+ year delays and shoddy workmanship) and good reviews, so make of that what you will.

My husband used to be an appraiser and seeing how the claridge and ashcroft houses stand the test of time he says you couldn't pay him to buy from either builder.

You're going to get good stories and bad stories about every builder. Maybe check out if they are on Rate your builder http://canada.rateyourbuilder.com/ as well!



Good luck with your decision!'

Oh - and as far as sharing upgrade prices that aren't major structural things e.g. Mattamy's rec room ready windows or something like that.. I don't think many builders do beyond a "rough estimate" for upgrades, and those very rough estimates are few and far between. In one case for us, our "rough estimate" was 50% lower than the actual cost... we scrapped that upgrade pretty quickly!

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Old 2008-07-11, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Katherine&Chris View Post
You're going to get good stories and bad stories about every builder. Maybe check out if they are on Rate your builder
But in this case, we're talking about horror stories, not bad stories.
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Old 2008-07-11, 10:55 AM
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We owned a terrace home in Manhattan square and bought it new from Ashcroft. We were somewhat weary of Ashcroft's reputation but it was a starter home for us and the price was right.

We closed on time and had only very minor issues which they were addressed promptly. I can't comment on the upgrade prices as we didn't do much but I will say that their standards were fairly decent. Overall we were happy with the home. It eneded up being a good investment for us. I'm not sure I'd consider buying our next home from them but I would definately buy the terrace again....
Chapman Mills
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Old 2008-07-11, 04:50 PM
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Default Ashcroft

I have been lurking for awhile - mainly because of the negative remarks many of you make about Ashcroft, the builder of my home.

I own a very new home in Central Park. I am aware of the "horror stories" that plagued the homes in the first phase(s) of development. However, I used the services of a home inspector through all stages of home construction and we have been pleased with our home for the two years that we have lived there. Yes, there have been minor problems. Yes, there has been delay and disorganization in getting them fixed. Nevertheless, the problems have been fixed. I fail to see how this is different from most home builders.

It is my belief that Ashcroft has made a great effort to improve their services due to the negative publicity they incurred in the beginning stages of development. It is also my belief that buying any home through a builder requires monitoring and involvement on behalf of the purchaser.

I do take offence to the generalized assumptions about the quality of my home. None of you have said "some homes" or "some horror stories" when referencing those stories that were in the media some 10 years ago. Instead, your comments have made me feel as though all homes in CP are plagued which would be a surprise to my neighbours. I know of no horror stories from my neck of the woods and several of the tradespeople who have worked on my home have told me that with the exception of a few more expensive builders, most builders are the same quality wise.

I would never come onto a public forum and speculate about the quality (or lack thereof) of homes in a community without a solid foundation for my reasoning and I suspect the generalized negative treatment of certain builders is one of the reasons why only some builders are represented on this forum. Instead of creating a supportive environment for all new home buyers, this forum is a place where buyers of homes other than the few favored by forum members feel unwelcome to participate.

To the OP, your best bet is to speak with a variety of people who have either looked at or purchased homes from Ashcroft and homes from Claridge and to look at their homes if possible. I am happy to provide you with my upgrade prices (keeping in mind that they are 2 years old). From my perspective, I chose my home based on proximity to downtown. I have found Ashcroft to be slightly annoying and disorganized at times, but the site foreman is an extremely caring and competent man who will ensure your end product is both well-made and pleasing to the eye.
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