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Old 2019-06-03, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by pabloottawa View Post
If you never had to pay for any repairs then you make up a small percentage of the people who came here to get help. Iím glad you are doing well and happy with your arrangement but this discussion is about sharing our stories in order to help those who donít like the arrangement of being forced to pay an inflated monthly fee for something they should feel they should own and DONíT feel itís fair to be forced to pay an unfair buyout price to own something that is now worth well below what they are being told they need to pay.
The only people who are reading this post are those with a new build who are wondering if they can get out of their rental. The answer to that is depends and not as cut and dry as you make it to be.

My 'arrangement' is that for years I rented but in my new home I bought out my rental and I now own it. It's an option and as long as the company is being reasonable, a good option.

Your suggestions don't apply to everyone and every case but you state them as facts.
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Old 2019-06-08, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by New Orleans View Post
What tank do you have? The one closest to 4K on the buyout schedule is the RUC98 with the buyout cost of $3,980.00. On the Rinnai website for that tank it says this...List Price: CAD 2,588.04
MSRP: CAD 1,941.03 (Not including installation)

So once you add the shipping, installation and tax, your offer of 2K is a little on the low end. Unless you have a different tank but that's the closest to 4K that's on the buyout sheet.
Most of the time the MSRP of the manufacturer is higher than the retailer's price. My story is similar, the RU160IN costs about $1,600, they are asking $3,590, double the retailer's price. I contacted the retailer already, there is no additional cost other than the tax. The installation will be my responsibility and I doubt it will cost much.

If someone is happy with their arrangement, that's good for them but don't make it sound that the EnerCare's deal is the best. I had an EnerCare rental equipment before in a new home and I regret that I stuck in that rental with them. I never had any issue for 9 years with the equipment, yet I paid $40 monthly for the entire 9 years. I did not do the math, not going to happen this time around.

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