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Old 2016-03-18, 01:48 PM
Allthewray Allthewray is offline
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I have a couple friends who may be interested in this area! how did you guys find your experience with the builder? the sales team etc....

is Falconcrest and Lancaster the same builder or are the separate?
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Old 2016-03-18, 02:02 PM
modern_wife modern_wife is offline
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They are different builders that work together often.
I actually spent time with both sales people and they were both very helpful and knowledgeable. With Falconcrest we had some issues in that we tried to buy a bigger corner lot and it turned out we couldnt have the model we wanted on it, we would have had to downsize by quite a bit. The whole team was wonderful through the issues and answered about a million questions for me.
I am pretty happy overall with my experience so far.
I bought Falconcrest
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Old 2016-03-18, 09:47 PM
steve13gt steve13gt is offline
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Originally Posted by cobrafan View Post
Thank you...are you still looking for a house or did you recently buy one?
We bought with Averton-Beacon Hill.. Few different reasons, longer time till closing being the deciding factor. We wanted more time to have a larger down payment.
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Old 2017-07-11, 10:47 AM
cpindar31 cpindar31 is offline
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Default group?

Hello, i have bought a Summervale home and am wondering if there is a FB group for new homeowners.

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Old 2017-07-11, 12:27 PM
cobrafan cobrafan is offline
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If you hon on FB groups search for Summervale Community and you will see the group there ��
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Old 2017-10-06, 04:14 PM
eunoia86 eunoia86 is offline
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Hi everyone. We are Lancaster Lot 55, closing December 29 (delayed from August). Our model is the Kingfisher. I’m really excited about our new community and am looking forward to meeting our neighbours! Before finding this forum, I did a FB search for ‘Summervale Bowmanville’ and didn’t see anything so I created a page called “Summervale Bowmanville Community Page”. Now that I’ve found this forum, I noticed that someone has already created a group for Summervale Falconcrest (I assume it’s meant to include those who purchased a Lancaster model too). I’m trying to figure out how to delete my group so there’s no confusion but I have no idea how...
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