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Old 2010-02-08, 01:22 PM
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Talking Introducing Wasser Ware - Premium Quality Kitchen & Bathroom Wares at a Quality Price

First of all, I would like to personally thank Greg for giving me the permission to introduce myself and my new company to everyone here. I figured since this forum is filled with intelligent and web savvy people, I may as well take this opportunity to introduce my new start-up to everyone.

Wasser Ware is a new company focused on the import and distribution of premium bathroom and kitchen accessories at a quality price.
Buildinghomes.ca has been a great source of information during my new home purchasing decision last year with CountryWide Homes and I would like to give back to the members here with my great product offerings.

Walk into any home hardware stores in Canada, look at the product pricing of various bathroom and kitchen products and you will be either shocked or turned down by the exorbitant prices that range from $500 to $1000. If you look at the country of origin, mostly are either made in Mexico or China. The manufacturing of faucets and other accessories are not exactly rocket science so youíll be wondering how much margins these retailers are charging you. The recession has fundamentally changed the way customers make their purchasing decision and I am sure you have felt the same impact and putting off many purchases due to budgetary concerns.

Now what we found is that some of the major faucet brands simply design the products in-house and along with their technical specifications, outsource the manufacturing to third party privately owned factories in China or Mexico and then stick their respective labels on it. The revenues of these factories are in the range of USD$100 to $150 million annually with over 10 years of excellent track record. Also, the suppliers have to undergo rigorous audits (ISO 9001) to ensure their manufacturing process meet the high quality standard of these companies that owns the brands.

From 2008 to 2009, our company made about a dozen business trips back to China to build relationships with our suppliers in order to establish our own company, distribution and brand in the Canadian marketplace. To guarantee product quality and workplace equity, we are given unprecedented access to their entire manufacturing process to shoot and compile a corporate video:

In this video you will see how your typical faucets are made from the machining, casting, polishing, plating and finally quality control. Itís quite a fascinating process and definitely lots of science and engineering knowledge behind the scene.

Wasser Ware will offer you the same products at 5 to 10 times lower than retail price, with the same or better quality than the well known brands in the Canadian market Ė direct from the OEM manufacturers from China through our strategic relationships with them. Of course the faucets made by these factories are proprietary in design from their respective brand owners that is designed in-house which does not infringe on any patents/trademarks. All of our products come with a 5 and 3 year limited warranty as a start and are manufactured using German, Swiss and Japanese state of the art casting and machining equipments to guarantee the highest quality conforming to the strictest industry standard.

We have hundreds of products that cost between $30 to $200 depending on design, surface finish and coatings (fully customizable). Since these products are going to be an integral part of your homeís functionality and decor, I would like to take this opportunity to meet with interested buyers on a group basis to fully understand the needs and requirements. I believe that this is the best way to build lasting relationships and also give you the opportunity to view product samples.

Iíve uploaded several photos of the actual products that our company is carrying to the photo album of this forum and you may also visit my companyís website at www.wasserware.ca to learn more about us and look at our product catalogue.

However, I must tell you ahead of time that our primary customers are contractors who buy in bulk which make shipping more economical direct from our suppliers in China. We also welcome homeowners to try our products but shipping cost for individual products are higher in the range of $40 to $80 depending on size and weight. If we can arrange a group buy, then I can work out a more economical shipping cost. Even with the additional shipping cost, you are still getting premium quality products at 5 to 10 times below retail cost and many of our design cannot be found anywhere else.

I am looking forward to talking and meeting with you guys!

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