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Default Lot fees

I received the following email from Peter Gilgan of Mattamy Homes. Definitely food for thought

" Subject: Imagining your new Oakville home

A message from Peter E. Gilgan, CEO of Mattamy Homes, to homebuyers interested in living in north Oakville.

Thank you again for registering your name on the Mattamy Homes website to show your interest in our
communities planned for north Oakville. This is often the first step toward your family finding the perfect, well-priced, award-winning home in our desirable town.
The second step would normally be our announcement of a sales opening. It appears
though, that in 2009 there is a new second step we need to take - a call to
democratic action.In the earliest days of the current economic reality, Mattamy Homes
adjusted pricing and has kept selling and building beautiful homes in great
communities at reasonable prices. At the same time, Halton Regional government,
operating with old information from a booming housing market, has pressed ahead with
proposals to raise the development charges (a form of tax for services on new homes)
applied to new homebuyers. While this might seem to be a problem to be faced by the
builder of your next home, it is an issue of great importance to you.A development
charge is a legitimate tax paid by homebuilders and passed along to homebuyers to
fund the new roads and utilities required for a new community. Currently, a new
homebuyer on a modest lot suitable for a semidetached or a small detached home in
Oakville pays over $47,200 in a combination of fees to government on the day they get
their keys (even before their first tax bill). While Oakville is a unique community
with few comparators for beauty and family-friendly services, the current development
charges exceed similar communities such as Mississauga ($32,100), Aurora ($37,100),
or Pickering ($29,800) by an already inexplicable amount.Instead of stepping in, as some southern Ontario municipalities are doing, and
freezing or reducing these fees, Halton Regional Council will vote July 15th on a
proposal to raise them a further $8,000 per lot. To make matters worse, the Oakville
Town Council is also currently contemplating a further increase of their component of
these charges by approximately $9,000 per lot for a possible new total fee
approaching $65,000 per home! We are using everything in our power to stop these
proposals from passing. We'd like to ask you to use something too - your
imagination.Please imagine that you already own a stunning Mattamy Home on a pretty
street in the Preserve (North Oakville). Imagine that regional government has
collected over $47,200 from you on closing but has now proposed that you to pay a
further $8,000 (or even $17,000 if Oakville's proposal were to pass). What would you
do? I hope your answer is that you would send Council a message - because that's
what I'd like you to do now. Please take a moment in the next couple of days to send
an email to all of the Halton Regional Councillors listed below. Please ask them to
cancel the proposed increase of $8,000 or to delay the vote. Time is short and I've
taken the liberty of attaching some draft templates that you can use for your
message. Obviously, please feel free to customize them or write your own.We are
primed and ready to build your next home in Oakville with brand-new designs and
unique community features. We want it to be fairly taxed and we want to deliver it
to you in my lifetime! Your emails to Council can make both of these desires

If you have any questions about this request for assistance, please
contact us at MattamyPartners@mattamycorp.com.Thank youPeter E. GilganCEO, Mattamy
HomesHalton Regional Council MembersChair Gary Carr gary.carr@halton.caCouncillor
Alan Johnston ajohnston@oakville.caCouncillor Allan Elgar
aelgar@oakville.caCouncillor Barry Lee barry@barrylee.caCouncillor Carol
D'Amelio damelioc@burlington.caCouncillor Clark Somerville
clarks@haltonhills.caCouncillor Colin Best colin.best@milton.caCouncillor Fred
Oliver foliver@oakville.caCouncillor Jack Dennison
dennisonj@burlington.caCouncillor Jane Fogal janefogal@haltonhills.caCouncillor Jeff Knoll jknoll@oakville.caCouncillor John Taylor
taylorj@burlington.caCouncillor Keith Bird kbird@oakville.caCouncillor Peter
Thoem thoemp@burlington.caCouncillor Rick Craven
cravenr@burlington.caCouncillor Rick Goldring goldringr@burlington.caCouncillor
Tom Adams tadams@oakville.caMayor Cam Jackson
mayorjackson@burlington.caMayor Gord Krantz gord.krantz@milton.caMayor Rick
Bonnette mayor@haltonhills.caMayor Rob Burton mayor@oakville.cagary.carr@halton.ca; ajohnston@oakville.ca; aelgar@oakville.ca;
barry@barrylee.ca; damelioc@burlington.ca; clarks@haltonhills.ca;
colin.best@milton.ca; foliver@oakville.ca; dennisonj@burlington.ca;
janefogal@haltonhills.ca; jknoll@oakville.ca; taylorj@burlington.ca;
kbird@oakville.ca; thoemp@burlington.ca; cravenr@burlington.ca;
goldringr@burlington.ca; tadams@oakville.ca; mayorjackson@burlington.ca;
gord.krantz@milton.ca; mayor@haltonhills.ca; mayor@oakville.ca
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