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Old 2005-11-02, 03:23 PM
jetlau jetlau is offline
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Default Re: Security Alarm Systems


Just wondering if any of you have considered an Alarm System. If so, what kind of monthly costs are involved? Contract Length?

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Old 2005-11-02, 07:24 PM
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I have always said to myself, Why pay someone $25/month to tell me when my house has been broken into?

There are some deterrance advantages, but none that couldn't be replicated by a dog.
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Old 2005-11-03, 08:32 AM
Jeff & Mary Jeff & Mary is offline
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I agree with Greg. I had my system monitered and once accidentally set it off and gave the company the wrong password when they called.
They were supposed to send their own guards to check out alarms first but didn't. (I actually never saw their cars at any time and they were supposed to cruse the area on a regular basis). The police came and then I got a bill for the police visit.

It took so long for the police to get there that if it was a break in, the bad guys would have been gone before the police arrived.

Anyways, to disable the alarm monitoring, the bad gusy would only have to cut the phone line outside the house.

I cancelled the monitoring after that.

MainStreet Stouffville
Great Gulf Homes
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Old 2005-11-03, 11:41 PM
Nicholas Nicholas is offline
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I think it depends on the reason you want an alarm. I have home insurance so if they break in while I am not home, that is what the insurance is for. I like it for the personal security. I can easily monitor when a door or window is open, the system won't let me arm it if a door or window is open when I am leaving.

With small children that can now open the door, I like to know if they have opened a window they could fall out of or a door they could exit from. Also the security that an interior alarm (not even the monitoring) would notify me that someone has tried to enter the home. I am more concerned about the safety of the family than the possessions. With a new house, there really isn't much to take .

As for cutting the phone line, you can pay bell to move the bell box into your home so it is not exposed. If they want to get in, there is a way but most of us want a deterrant so that they move on, and a reduction on our home insurance to cover most of the cost of the monitoring.

We also have a monitored smoke alarm (good if you are not home to call the fire department) and a monitored sump pump alarm.

I looked at many systems before going with voxcom. I like the fact that they call regardless of whether or not you enter the correct code and they do it fast! Most other companies will not call if you enter the correct code. What if someone follows you in after you enter the code?

We contacted 5 different companies and went with RSI is an installer for Voxcom, they were excellent and no one could beat their price. I would highlyrecommend them. If you want to talk to them call Fabian at 905-565-9999 for more information.
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Old 2005-11-08, 04:07 PM
Melfice Melfice is offline
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Anyone use The Montoring Center? Are they good? TIA!
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