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Old 2009-05-18, 08:07 PM
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Default Norfolk County Ontario

If you are thinking about having a home built in Norfolk County...towns like Simcoe, Delhi....Port Dover...beware of the municipal building inspectors...they are either stupid, or negligent in performance of their duties. I had a home built in Port Dover, and the number of non-conforming OBC violations is just too much to handle. The politicians in Norfolk County are just as stupid as the building inspectors...they don't know if their ars. is punched or bored and totally back their inspection staff.

These inspectors do not know their job...and are negligent in performance of their inspections. What we have here is a "good old boys network" They all have C.B.C.O. ....they sure disgrace that designation...they all must have been grandfathered in.

I paid $1200 dollars for an independent inspection of the plumbing and drainage of my home. The Chief Building Inspector refuses to admit they made errors in the inspection. Tarion will do nothing, because their inspection was a farce. When I ask and paid for a second year inspection, they sent out a real stupid inspector, who didn't take the time to read the independent report. All he wanted to do is was agree with everything the builder had to say. My report meant nothing to him....I have thoughts...maybe this guy can't read.

As an example. The builder allowed a basement floor drain which is approximately 40' to 45' from the furnace / sump area. This is in an area where I paid extra money for larger windows to put a family room and a bedroom. This floor drain does not have a trap seal water supply to keep the drain wet. We get sewer gas into the home when the trap drys out. The builder now wants to fix the drain by running a live water line from the potable system.

I called the water department, and explained the problem...they said "no way" were they going to allow this to happen, and they sent me a letter confirming this. Well, when the builder tells the Tarion dummy what he is going to do...The Tarion inspector( that's a pretty loose word) the Tarion guy says "that's a great idea"...then I hand them the document....they then looked pretty stupid....but maybe they look like that all the time. I told them it is to be by the furnace/sump area. The builder then says he will break the concrete floor and run the floor drain into the sump...how stupid these people are. The OBC says that the floor drain is to be connected to the waste system...not the sump system, and the reason it is close to the furnace to accept waste water from the condenser system of the furnace and the A?C unit to keep moisture in the trap.

Now the "catch 22" with Tarion is If the municipal Chief Building Inspector says all is correct....they will do nothing to rectify the problem....Tarion is a farce...they have spent more time talking with the builder...then they have with me. Now here is the big lie...They said that I agreed to some of the remedies that the builder had recommended...I agreed with nothing the builder has said.

This is only one small part of the OBC problems of my new home. In reality I cannot sell my home unless I tell the real estate agent and the new purchaser all the OBC infractions...which are many

As I said before the Chief Building Inspector and his inspectors are nothing but a bunch of clowns...they are "out to lunch"

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