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Old 2010-09-21, 09:57 AM
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Default Stouffville Water


Are there any issues with water quality in Stouffville?

Do you need to get water softner when you move in?

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Old 2010-09-21, 10:28 AM
elllas1 elllas1 is offline
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yes...I arranged a group buy with Dave the owner of Watermart.

He is offering the following:

System, #5000 Reverse Osmosis including GE Puretrex 1 micron spun depth filter
KX Industries CTO/2 KX Industries Matrikx + 1 carbon blocks and 50 GPD thin film reverse osmosis membrane. Includes faucet and feed valve.

Installation of small equipment.
Installation of small equipment in basement with run to upstairs.
Softener, 30 000 grain demand high-efficiency softener
including Fleck 7000 digital control head
Installation of large equipment
reg price with HST $2069.55

he will give MINIMUM 15% discount...so... $1759.12

to run the water to the fridge it will cost $40

if you are interested please:

1. let me know
2. let him know you are interested in "Nick's Group Buy" by contacting him dave@watermart.com

Dave Seagrim, CWS VI
President, Watermart
8121 Yonge Street
Thornhill, Ontario
Canada L3T 2C6
Pipe runs to fridge extra (if necessary)
Bypass to hose bibs extra (if necessary)
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Old 2010-09-21, 12:17 PM
K'n'P K'n'P is offline
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This is a mixed bag question, so it depends on how comfortable you feel.
A ton of longtime Stouffville residents will say they never had a water softener and they've lived here for 20+ years. Another group will say they found it useful.

In the end, a water softener is not needed in Stouffville, or anywhere. It's personal preference. They may say it makes your appliances more efficient; but honestly sediment build up occurs really slowly, so to me it won't make a difference to your dishwasher or washing machine if I have build-up the size of a pin's head. If you ask them to quanity the savings on appliances from having it, they will say it will just operate more efficiently, with no quantifiable number because its minor. Plus appliances tend to be replaced every 10 yrs anyways, so I would get a new one in 10 yrs as well.

Also, Stouffville's water supply started blending their water with Markham last year; and with or without a water softener, you will still get pink rings inside of your toilet.

Did I get a water softener? Sure. But that's more to do with the fact that I moved in over a year ago, before the blending occurred. Also, although I didn't find the water too hard then, I found the smell of the chlorine in the water more annoying than anything. So our Water Softener also has the chlorine removal.

Would I get a water softener again if I was to buy another new house in Stouffville? Probably not.

I say just live in your house for a month or two first, and see if you can deal with the water.

Elllas has arranged a pretty good deal with Watermart.

A lot of Stouffville residents also supported the local store (Water Depot), whom also has competitive prices and products.

Just shop around, and choose whichever one you like best. Others I know have gone to Sears, Home Depot, to get Water Softeners.
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Old 2011-04-24, 04:06 PM
Contele Contele is offline
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The water has 225 ppm. That is very hard. Ask the seller if he guaranty 50ppm after you install the water softener. If no that is a scam. Check on internet the water hardiness. After spending thousand of dollars to get 170ppm is not good. The stain will be visible on the toilets and the kitchen sink will look not very shiny. I am telling this because I got fried.
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Old 2011-04-25, 11:03 AM
saw_mui saw_mui is offline
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this is a preference...we've been here over a year now and without a softener and we're fine.

I would take K'n'P's advice and try it out urself first before you purchase a softener.
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Old 2011-04-25, 12:35 PM
R_D_G R_D_G is offline
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Same here. We've been here since August of last year without a softener and we are fine. I see no deposit in the sinks or toilets and the dishwasher and washing machine seem to be fine. My wife also has relatives who have been in Stouffville for a number of years without a softener and their appliances are still fine.

One other thing to consider is that since late last year, Stouffville has been getting some water from lake Ontario. So, within a few months, the mixing of hard well water and soft lake water should make the water a bit softer.

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