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Old 2007-04-29, 03:29 PM
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Default Buying used furniture for a new house ?

Do you prefer to buy furniture brand-new or second-hand ?

For me, it doesn't matter as long as I can save some money. Our budget is pretty tight now so it doesn't really help in that aspect. To me a dining table is a dining table is a dining table. As always, you get what you pay for of course but my point is I am not too picky on specific styles or colors or materials. If somebody esle would like to part with his/her collection and if it's in good shape and if it serves us well, i'd be glad to put in an offer.

What would you think are the pros and cons with buying second-hand furniture ?

For couches, i would understand some people prefer buying new as opposed to second hand for sanitary reasons ;-)

For second-hand furniture, i like to frequent craigslist, usedottawa.com, kijiji, newsgroups and some local shops.
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Old 2007-04-29, 04:27 PM
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My first set of furniture was quite new - it was mostly cardboard boxes (just throw a blanket over it an no one can tell its not a night table...well, until someone decide to sit on it)

But I agree, when starting of, used furniture is a great way to save. There are always garage sales or moving sales. As the years go by, you can buy the new stuff you really want. If you have kids, you want to wait until they are a little bit older before getting new stuff anyways

The only exception is beds - sorry, I have my limits of what used furniture I willing to get.

But I give credit to my wife - she just has this talent of finding these great used furniture for so little money!
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Old 2007-05-31, 11:55 PM
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What do you guys use to clean *used* furniture after you pick it up and bring it home ?

I am talking about things like wing chairs, recliners, arm chairs, perhaps chairs with dining table, ottomans.

I have heard steamer (or steam heater, or steam cleaner) can do the job quite well. It's also handy to clean countertops and the carpet upstairs. I don't think it's very expensive isn't it, i believe you can get a decent one for around 80 bucks at Canadian Tire or Xcess Cargo

and yes I will not be buying second-hand beds or even futons, just not the right areas to cut corners ;-)
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Old 2007-06-01, 12:52 AM
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I have no problems with used furniture but talk to my wife. She's Japanese and not to sterotype Japanese people but they really prefer to buy new. Recently though there has been a growing trend in used stores in Japan but not closed to where Canada is.

When my best friend's parents gave use their used dinning table my wife said no but I took it despite what she said. It's 35 years old but it's solid and still in good shape. She's now happy but thinking of getting something new because we have a new house ... have to talk her out of it ... wish me luck.

But for those looking for something cheap for furniture take a look at Homedept's new auction option on their website (not that I'm looking for a bidding competitor), I bought a home entertainment system worth $499 + taxes for $90 taxes and shipping included.
Minto - Spectra - Slate in Beacon Hill, Ottawa
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