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Old 2013-08-16, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by bcpl View Post
Okay, good. Headaches, I do not need.
My NAS and SONOS bridge currently connect to my router and my router into the Bell router. Things have been working okay but like I said, I really do not push my system much. I have not changed my router to "wifi access point" only though. I will do that as you suggested.
I wouldn't touch it at all if it's working. It's probably just "uplinking" to the Bell then and talking to it over the WAN port. Meh, that works!
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Old 2013-08-16, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Trepex View Post
Just a minor clarification: The UPS only keeps the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) powered, in order to ensure phone service in a power outage. The modem isn't on battery backup, so it'll go down in an outage.

I actually replaced the Bell modem with my own Ubiquity router. As long as you get one that supports VLAN tagging on the WAN interface, you can use any router you want. For Bell's FTTH, you're only using the routing functionality of that "modem" that they give you. Now it gets a little trickier if you're using their IPTV service, as you need the modem for that, but you can get the two playing nicely. This is assuming you even care to do any of this... I just wanted to get rid of Bell's modem because throughput drops off over heavy loads and latency tends to be a little disappointing. A lot of people flip the standard modem into bridge mode in order to use their own wireless router, but these units don't play all that nicely in bridge mode and you'll notice quite a hit on your up/down throughput.

Yes you are correct about the backup that bell provides... I guess I should clarify my setup a little, I have a separate UPS power everything (APC 1500). I have the bell router/modem setup to work just as a modem (in bridge mode). I am using a separate cisco router and cisco switch running full IOS. I have it on a separate vlan from bells modem as I was paranoid that bell could access internal my network. I do have Bells modem setup as a bridge and I have checked my throughput on usenet and I can max out my bandwidth at approx. 6.3MB... basically just under bells 50Mb advertised. Been running rock solid like this for about a year.

I should note, I had an initial issue with dropping only on my cisco ata adapter (voip) because I had cdp neighbor running... after updating the ata's firmware my voip hasn't gone down. I don't think anyone else will run into this issue unless they are running the same hardware...

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Old 2013-08-16, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Trepex View Post
Not at all.

The best option for most people is the following:

(A) to set your router to be a "wifi access point" only, and plug it into the bell modem/router. That will give you a decent wireless signal (Bell's is pretty terrible). Realistically this should be fine for most people. The Bell router will assign IPs to your devices and handle everything else except for wireless. Your router will serve the wireless network up to your house, and it's plugged into the Bell modem. The nice/knowledgeable Bell techs will actually spend a couple of minutes to help you out and get this setup. Others just really don't know their way around computers and/or are in too much of a rush, but it's not too complicated to do yourself.

An alternative is to do the opposite:

(B) There are advantages of doing the opposite and making the Bell modem/router act in bridge mode, and having your own router do the LAN routing, DHCP assignments for your computers, and wireless, BUT... Bell's modem/router behaves really erratically in bridge mode.

An example of why someone might want to take approach (B) is if you use Quality of Service (QoS) functions on your router in order to prioritize voice over IP traffic for VoIP Phone, or traffic for certain games that are latency-sensitive. The Bell router doesn't support QoS, and so you'd want to be able to use your own router, which you couldn't do if you followed (A) and put it into wifi-access-only mode.

Because I use VoIP phone service, have my alarm monitoring company doing IP-based monitoring, all the while backup up our computers to cloud backup services, QoS and low latency are important to me. Low latency means that VoIP phone service works great, and QoS lets me prioritize the important traffic so that a regular backup doesn't screw up my phone, or that iTunes movie that we're downloading at 50mbps doesn't mean the communication with our alarm monitoring system goes awry.

(A) is your best option, it just means that power users might be frustrated not to have fine-grain control over network traffic and the likes.
(B) will work, but the modem tends to crash under load. If you're someone who uses bittorrent and frequently has dozens of open IP connections, the modem will barf
(C) Do what I did and it's a headache to setup but gives you the best of both worlds.
Very good advice.. I will admit, it took me a few days to get my network setup and cable management done and I did have a few hiccups along the way learning about what bells modem/router could/couldn't do well.
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