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Old 2009-11-29, 11:28 AM
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Default 2 Stage Furnace and Thermostat Upgrade ...

Builder is providing me Forced air HI-Efficiency gas furnace complete with Energy Star electronic (programmable) thermostat and large 50 gallon vented hot water tank.

I have the option to upgrade the furnace to

CARRIER 2 Stage Furnace upgrad w/ ECM motor $4770
CARRIER Infinity 96 2 stage furnace w/ECM motor $4734.00
CARRIER Infinity ICS MULTI stage Furnace w / ECM $5130

I am concerned with noise of furnace and would like to get the quietest of the 3. I understand that there be noise in all three but the less it is is better.

What tis the difference between each of them.

I am also being offer HOMEYWELL VisionPRO8000 therostat for $426. What is the advantage of getting it over standard one.
They also have INFINITY Control( upgraded Thermostat) for 675. i am quiet confused. What is difference between all of these.

I will definitely go for Tank less Whater Heat.

I have 2 options
Tankless Hot Water heater $560.00
Additional Hot Water heater $560
Can I do additional later if I need more hot water .I am assuming it is if you require more hot water at same time.

I would definitely want a Humidifier but builder is asking Homeywell Steam Humidifie $1960 and normal Humidifie 1025.

Please provide your feedback. I will also like to hear from people that have installed one of them.

Also How difficult it is too change the thermostat after closing to higher model like Pro Vision 8000 or Infinity Control. Does it void warranty of furnace in any way.

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Old 2009-11-30, 09:46 AM
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I cant really advise you on what furnace to choose but if this is the price the builder is charging you to upgrade, save your pennies and get it upgraded after as these are pretty much full price of a new furnace. As long as the builder installs a high efficiency already, if you are willing to spend this money, you can probably get a contractor in after. Most new install will also include an electronic thermostat, again, the fee from the builder is way high for that! You may be able to resale the original furnace installed by the builder as well...

As*far as hot water heater, why would you install an additional heater? Do a bit of reasearch on this, technically, the inline HWH is all you need for an average size family and you will not run out. Adding a tank kind of defeats the purpose of a tankless...
Mark, Genevičve, and kids
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Old 2009-11-30, 10:18 AM
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Thank you for your feedack mark. this will Greatly help me in balancing my upgrade budget. I will wait for 1 year atleast to have builder warranty expire and then will reacsses. I also have to get the A/C and Humidifier after market.

I have heard that you need different kind of wiring to the thermostat for 2 stage or Multistage furnace. I was reading at Mattamy Milton forum and some ppll were compaining Mattamy installing wiring and thermostat only for single stage though they provide 2 stage furnace.

How much will that cost me if I do it afterwards.

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