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Old 2012-08-20, 09:18 PM
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Default Country Green Homes - ParkPlace Ph.2 Things to Know

I'm starting this thread as a central source for everyone in this development. While waiting for my closing date to approach I have dug through City of Hamilton files and various other sources and would like to share with all what I have found and tips on finding things.

Country Green Homes is the vender for the development of Parkplace Village Phase 2. When looking for info on Google or C.O.H.'s search feature you will rarely find items on them because they are not the "builder". Silverwood Homes Inc. / Limited(Inc. and Limited are sometimes interchanged depending on document) is the builder and the developments address is 111 Parkside Drive. Those are two key sentences to use when searching for information.

First thing I would like to share is regarding sidewalks. All through the building process, myself and I'm sure other purchasers were told that it was "unknown where and what side of the street sidewalks were being placed and C.O.H. controls that". When in fact, they have known since at least December 11, 2008. The information can be found here:
On the .pdf's pages 59 and 60 it outlines the size of the sidewalks, which streets, and what sides were getting them.

Street "H" - 2.0m sidewalk, both sides,
Street "B" - 2.0m sidewalk, both sides,
Street "A" - 2.0m sidewalk, both sides,
Street "E" - 1.5m sidewalk, west side,
Street "C" - 1.5m sidewalk, south side,
Street "D" - 1.5m sidewalk, north side,
Parkside Drive - 2.5m sidewalk, on the north side from the west limit of the plan to the east limit of the plan.

The street letters are referenced from a map on page 69 of the same .pdf file.

There is plenty of other information in that same document and I'll share some more when I get around to my next post.

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Old 2012-08-21, 09:03 PM
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Default Future home development

Looking at page 60 of the WNOMBdecisionreSilverwoodDEC08.pdf file. it is noted:
That, prior to registration of the final plan of subdivision, the Owner agrees that not more than 100 units shall be registered until a second street access is provided to service the draft approved lands to the satisfaction of the Director of Development Engineering.

Currently, because the development can only be accessed by Sadielou Blvd from Parkside drive the builder would be limited to only registering 100 units. Looking at the map Legend on Page 69 of the same .pdf two different dashed lines are used. One is to show the limit of Silverwood Homes "Phase One" (a.k.a. Parkplace Village Phase 2). The second dashed line shows the "100 Unit Development Limit with 1 access point".

Because of the quality of the map, it is hard to distinguish the lines. But looking closely you can see that some of the lots outside of the 100 unit limit area have already been developed. You can also see where the future development will occur. Lots marked with triangles will be townhomes, crosses will be semi-detached, and squares will be singles.

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Old 2012-08-23, 08:43 AM
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Default Blue Box Recycling Bins - FREE

Because C.O.H. hasn't assumed the lands of the development yet we currently don't have waste or recycling collection services but you can still get your FREE blue box from a Municipal Service Center. Don't make the same mistake I made and go buy them from store first

You should be able to stop at any of the following locations (with your proof of address) listed here but these two are the closest:
Flamborough Location
7 Innovation Drive (First Floor)
Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Hamilton City Hall
71 Main St. West
Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm

The Flamborough location is small and will have limited stock on the blue bins, but they are also only a 5min drive from the development.

Additional information on C.O.H. blue box program can be found here
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Old 2012-08-29, 08:14 PM
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Default Country Green Home - Clear Skies Park

The green space that has been set aside by Country Green Homes is called "Clear Skies Park". A price premium was being asked for anyone that wanted to buy a lot located across from the park. But what wasn't mentioned is that the park is actually going to be extended into the neighboring development when building starts there!

The interactive mapping program on C.O.H.'s website shows our developments new roads and the green space for Clear Skies Park. You can find it here (java plugin needed for proper viewing)

It looks like it will be around double the current size. Approximately 600ft long (extending into neighboring development) x 400ft wide (already along Sadielou Blvd)

Unfortunately development of the park won't be started until the land to our East is developed.

Looking at page 60 of the WNOMBdecisionreSilverwoodDEC08.pdf file. It reads:
Park Warning Clause

50. That the Owner shall agree to include in the Subdivision Agreement and in all Purchase and Sale Agreements the following warning clause to the satisfaction of the Director of Planning:

(a) Prospective purchasers are hereby advised that Block 1 on the draft plan of subdivision is designated for Neighbourhood Park purposes by the City of Hamilton. Until the City of Hamilton is able to acquire sufficient lands to construct this park project, residents are advised that in the interim, there will not be any active or passive municipal recreational facilities in this development; and,

(b) The Owner shall agree to install and maintain a sign on Block 1 to advise prospective purchasers that Block 1 is designated for Neighbourhood Park purposes by the City of Hamilton. Until the City of Hamilton is able to acquire sufficient lands to construct this park project, residents are advised that, in the interim, there will not be any active or passive municipal recreational facilities in this development.

I could be wrong, but I haven't seen any signs posted in Block 1 (park space area) notifying us that the park won't be developed for some time.

In another file on C.O.H.'s website called "20122021CapitalBudgetForecastbyWard.pdf" you can see on page 94 under the "Open Space Development" section the park is listed as "Clear Skies Proposed Park". Then looking over the columns to the right it doesn't look like any funding for the park is budgeted until 2018.

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Old 2012-08-31, 06:19 PM
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Default Country Green Homes PP2 - Land to the East

When looking at the file WaterdownNorthIssuesOpp.pdf on C.O.H.'s website you will see on page 56 a map labeled "Figure 7: Waterdown North Property Owners (Source: City of Hamilton Technical and Cartographic Section)". The data is dated March 2004 and shows the owner of the land to our East as being Di Marco.

In the file 2010_December_Ward15_Residential_Development.pdf on the first page with a map, the chunk of land is labelled "25T200804". It has a colour designating it as a "Pending Subdivision"
On page 2 of the same .pdf file, it shows the breakdown of what types of dwellings are projected for the area...
Single Detached - 128 Units
Semi-Detached - 0 Units
Townhouse - 64
Apartment - 0
Total = 192

Another .pdf file on C.O.H.'s website called 11023.pdf confirms that as of Jan 2011 the owner of the land is Amedeo DiMarco. It goes on to talk about rezoning the land from Agriculture to Residential. It also mentions the sharing of the park land (Clear Skies Park) and the sharing cost of making the storm water management pond in our development...

"Ms Stewart, Counsel for the Appellant (DiMarco) advised the Board that they have come to a settlement with Silverwood Homes Limited (Silverwood) to enter into a cost sharing agreement and they have also agreed on revised wording for condition number 14 of the Subdivision Agreement (Exhibit 2), with respect to a Storm Water Management pond (SWM)." (Found on Page 2)

"The subdivision (Exhibit 7) contains 94 lots for detached dwellings; nine Blocks for 65 townhouses; and a 1.05 ha parcel is set aside for a park. The land is at a high point and half of it is to drain to the east, to a SWM pond to be constructed by MC2 and Landmart, and the rest will drain to the west, to a SWM pond to be constructed by Silverwood." (Found on Page 3)

There seems to be a difference in the number for detached dwellings/townhouse between the two different documents but things are always changing and they are a little outdated.
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Old 2012-09-02, 12:37 AM
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Wink Country Green Homes PP2 - Land to the West

Using C.O.H.'s interactive zoning map the land to our West is currently zoned as A (Agriculture). The allowable uses of Agriculture land can be found in the file FLAMZBLsection33.pdf.

33.1 PERMITTED USES (Agriculture Land)
(a) Accessory Open Storage
(b) Agriculture
(c) Conservation
(d) Office of One Physical or Mental Health Practitioner, Physician or Dentist located within the residence of the Medical Practitioner, which shall be a Single Detached Dwelling.
(e) One fruit and/or vegetable stand, for the sale of seasonal products grown on the property.
(f) One Help House
(g) Single Detached Dwelling

The land is located outside of the Waterdown North Secondary Plan and most likely won't see development for some time. I could be wrong but it doesn't seem like there are any current appeals in progress to rezone the land.

It should be noted that the land on the South side of Parkside Drive that is opposite of this Agriculture land is zoned as M3 (Prestige Business Park Zone) and is considered as part of the Flamborough Business Park. A map outlining the business park area can be found in the C.O.H. file 10128.pdf on Page 83.

9.3.1 PERMITTED USES (Prestige Business Park)
Building and Lumber Supply Establishment
Building or Contracting Supply Establishment
Children’s Play-gym
Commercial Motor Vehicle Sales, Rental and Service Establishment
Communications Establishment
Conference or Convention Centre
Contractor’s Establishment
Courier Establishment
Equipment and Machinery Sales, Rental and Service Establishment
Gymnastic Studio
Industrial Administrative Office
Labour Association Hall
Motor Vehicle Collision Repair Establishment
Motor Vehicle Service Station
Private Power Generation Facility
Repair Service
Research and Development Establishment
Surveying, Engineering, Planning or Design Business
Trade School
Tradesperson’s Shop
Transport Terminal
Transportation Depot

So if the Agriculture land on the North side of Parkside Drive was going to be rezoned in the future, would it be changed to residential? Or would it be changed to Prestige Business Park Zone to extend the business park from the south side of Parkside Drive? Hmm.
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Old 2012-09-04, 09:36 PM
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Wink Park Place Phase 1

I came across this letter from the residents of Sunnycroft Court in Country Green Homes Park Place Phase 1. On C.O.H. website the file is named Jun28AddedItem511.pdf. It has been addressed to the Ward 15 Councillor and the letter is dated June 21, 2006:

June 21, 2006


Dear Councillor *NAME DELETED*:

This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the undersigned residents of Sunnycroft Court in Waterdown, Ontario.

The purpose of this letter is to convey our complete dissatisfaction with Country Gfeen omes Inc. and officially put forth a complaint against this builder with the express purpose of preventing this home builder from victimizing any future "new home buyers" in Waterdown.

Prior to signing our Agreements we were told several conflicting tbings by Country Greens Sales Representative, *NAME DELETED* regarding which items in the homes were standard or upgraded, as well as, the state the home would be in on closing and how we would be dealt with in case we had
questions or ran into problems. All purchasers were required to pay a sum approx. $4,500.00 on closing above and beyond adjustment costs. This amount was non-negotiab1e and to be paid up front in one lump sum. We were told this would ensure lumber fencing along the back of our yards, entrance beautification & yard sodding by professional landscaper's, professionally paved driveways and meter hook ups.

On our closing dates we found ourselves forced to close on homes that weren't even finished, let alone checking for discrepancies. Our PDI's were conducted without hydro, our kitchens & bathrooms were incomplete, basements filled with water, doors with their glass smashed in and filth everwyehere. However, we were threatened that if we did not close we would lose any protection Tarion could offer us. We were told that Tarior would ensure all unfinished details would be taken care of. Of course, because of guidellnes and scheduling it would be 9 months before Tarion could respond to any of our concerns leaving us to struggle with
innumerable deficiencies in our homes, dozens of unreturned phone calls from Country Green, and the stress & frustration at having to deal with a corporation who already had our money, but did not deliver on their part of the deal. To us it seems that, because Country Green was fully aware of Tarion's timelines, they used these additional months to their advantage without any moral or legal consideration given to upholding the contract they had with the Purchasers.

As you are well aware the normal course of action in dealing with builder dissatisfaction is to file a report with Tarion. However, as many of us struggle through the process of conciliation with Tarion it has become abundantly clear that this "government" organization, which charges the purchaser in excess of $500.00 to ensure protection from shoddy and incomplete work is merely in place to be "'fair to the builder". Who is concerned with fairness to the Purchasers?

The work we paid our additional $4,500.00 for has been of the poorest quality and anything but professional. Residents on the East Side of Sunnycroft Court ended up with a chain-link fence which was charged at a ridiculously higb rate. We received a disproportionately small re-reimbursement
cheque and a letter stating "an amount paid to the Vendor as reimbursement for the installation on any fencing along the lot line of the subject property which may be required by the Municipality..." Completely disregarding the fact that our agreement also states the fence would be pressure treated wood fencing" as per *NAME DELETED* sales pitch. Instead, they used the city of Hamilton as their excuse. If the city's plan called for a chain link fence then Country Green Homes Inc. would have known from the beginning which leaves us to conclude that we were deliberately misled.

The worst of it so far has been our driveways. In the fall a very coarse type of asphalt material was applied to each driveway. We were told, by *NAME DELETED* of Country Green Homes Inc., that this was the "base" and that the proper top coat would be applied in the spring giving the driveway time
to settle after some frost heaving and the winter season. This past week each Homeowner received a letter stating that "....we will·be completing repairs to those driveways which have experienced
severe settlement.....should you require any repairs, please complete the form below and return to our office..." Through our telephone inquiries we have been told by *NAMED DELETED* of Country Greens Homes Inc.that there will be no top coat applied to our driveways. In addition, if we want a
paving professional to do the job correctly what has been done will need to be removed at a very high cost, because the "base layer" was put down over clay which means it will never be settled against seasonal heaving.

Without exception all of the "wonderful extras"' we were sold by Country Green have turned out to be either gross misrepresentations or blatantly false. Sadly, each one of us also has our own personal collection of frustrating experiences with Country Green above and beyond the
descriptions discussed herewith. When we express our difficulty in accepting Country Green's deviations their response is apathetic at best; they have collected our money and we are no longer a priority. We refuse to accept this. Builder's need to be more accountable to the members of the communities they profit from.

We have been told that several thousand families will be joining Waterdown's population over the next 2 years. It is our understanding that·Country Green will be one of the major builders constructing new homes in Waterdown. It is alarming that Country Green is already moving on to new projects when
they haven't finished what they started here on Sunnycroft Court. However, it is even more of a concern that they would be permitted to leave hundreds more Waterdown families in the situation we now find ourselves in.


I have deleted the names of individuals in the letter to follow the forums guidelines. Names are listed in original file. The letter continues with signatures of residents and some additional statements to the builder.
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Very good information! thanks for the reasearch

Have you taken posession of your lot? how is it so far with country green?

We are going to (hopefully) give our deposit tomorow if everything goes well for a unit in Park Place!
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