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Old 2014-07-30, 11:55 PM
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The advice you are getting is great. I had personal experience with this issue as the dog owner with a barking dog

Backstory: I moved into a new townhome, with neighbours on both sides. My one neighbour was awesome, the other neighbour was a rental who barely said hi.

About a month after the rental tenants moved in, I got a nice little note in the mail...but not from the neighbour, it was from bylaw. So here is my problem with calling the City. The city normally won't attend on the first complaint, unless there is a concern for the dogs wellbeing at that time. My letter was about three weeks after the fact, so I couldn't really tell you what was going on that day.

After getting the notice, I spoke to awesome neighbour, and she told me my dogs bark regularly when kids are playing on the street, as my main window looked out at the road. She hadn't told me because it didn't bother her, and she knew one of my dogs was a rescue we had gotten that summer and we were still working on her. Nonetheless, I put an ottoman in front of the window and this instantly solved the problem (according to awesome neighbour).

Clearly, I was fortunate that an easy solution could be found, but this could only be done because I was TOLD about the issue. Needless to say, my level of respect for the rental neighbour is ummm....lacking.

In my opinion, show them some respect and speak to them nicely about it (as people have said), more just to raise awareness about it. If you aren't comfortable speaking in person, face to face, thats understandable. A note in the mailbox is fine IF....and only IF...you identify yourself with name and address. That's my opinion. A note is easier to express your thoughts, but don't hide behind it. If you see the neighbour after giving the note, don't act like it didn't happen, but rather follow up and talk to them about it at that point.

On a side note, I was so angry with rental neighbour that I wrote THEM a letter, indicating that if they have issues with me, that the easiest and quickest way to solve problems is to speak with their neighbours. I also educated them on the fact that by leaving it up to bylaw, they had to listen to my dogs bark an extra three weeks before I was told about it.

Hope that helps a bit, and gives some insight from the perspective of a dog owner that actually had the dog bothering a neighbour (and didn't realize it).

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Old 2014-07-31, 07:24 AM
nessiesens nessiesens is offline
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Definitely agree with all, in person.
Perhaps if you see them out walking with the dog approach and that way make friendly with the dog too and shows them you like dogs, and just casually mention that you noted little "insert name" seemed to be barking quite a bit after they left, you weren't sure if there was an animal causing it but you hope everything is ok with the dog?

I agree on also not going to By-law before speaking with them. I used to have neighbours across the way who decided to just up and call the By-Law because "my dog" barked all morning long (she worked as a nurse, so night shift). By-Law came by and left a note saying we need to keep our dog quiet...I was confused as my dog maybe barked for 1-2 mins before I got to her (because she saw a squirrel or another dog or loud noise). We got another letter again saying if we don't stop our dog By-Law will come and take her from us. We approached the neighbour (friendly manner) inquiring what this was about, she went on and on saying everyone on the street felt our dog was keeping everyone awake at all hours (again, dog might go pee at 6am but a quite woof because another dog barked but that was it), and said if we don't shut the dog up she'll shut us up. So obviously escalation can occur because some people aren't dog people and some people get defensive very quick.

I would avoid going to By-Law unless the dog owner is more like this person and gets defensive saying to you to mind your business, their dog never makes noise etc
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Old 2014-07-31, 09:13 AM
Olivetti Spaghetti Olivetti Spaghetti is offline
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definitely agree with all the great advice on this thread. I would avoid bylaw if possible. As someone mentioned before, its very possible that they are not aware of their dogs barking. Most people would appreciate being told so they can correct the issue rather than having to get bylaw involved. Hopefully they don't take it in a negative way. I am a dog person myself, but I would still definitely want to be told if my dog was causing any kind of disturbance to neighbours.
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Old 2014-07-31, 12:06 PM
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Thanks everyone! I noticed last night that they had their windows closed - could still hear the little guy barking occasionally but it was fine. The neighbours have been in and out this week (I'm on vacay) so it's been difficult to pin them down. They seem to have made strides so I'm not sure of one of the other neighbours said anything to them.

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