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Tarion Questions Ask questions and share your experiences with Tarion. Note: It is to be understood that Tarion is not involved with this forum at all and that what you post should be factual. Do NOT post builders names or names of any of their representatives.

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Old 2019-03-29, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by oakvillehomeowner View Post
Stupid question - have you checked your attic insulation? No question that 40K btu is probably undersized, but if the attic is also lacking insulation that may make things worse.
Actually, I did ask that stupid question and it was low. It was a good .5" low in the best case and up to 3.5" low, not to mention there was a large area of compressed insulation where it seems someone was walking around at some point. So they blew in enough to top it up, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference to our ability to heat the house up in what I would think is acceptable.

For example, even though it's a nice day today, when I left the house at 0600 I changed the thermostat from 17 - 18 so it wouldn't be so cold for the other members of the family when they got up and it said 1hr 30mins to heat up even though the outside temp was +2. I really hope Tarion will not find this acceptable, because it seems like the builder does.
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Old 2019-03-29, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by good2know View Post
Suggest you contact city building inspector department. They should be inspecting the hvac and this is a major oversite.
When I mentioned this possible action, suddenly I was supplied with the heat loss calculation document which is apparently what is required by the city when a house is built and it shows the size and type of furnace we have in our house as meeting the requirements. So they put in what they believe is good enough.

I still believe it is undersized or in the best case the bare minimum size they could put in and possibily malfunctioning. The problem is no one will take accountability to fix the problem or say no, it's acceptable for your house to take half of your waking hours to raise the temp by 3 degree's and you shouldn't be able to heat about 20c when it's really cold out
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Old 2020-01-17, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by stittsville resident View Post
We just had a well educated home inspector, but we found so many issues in the days after their 2 hour inspection which they didn't. If you don't point out every issue, inspectors miss them and one can't afford to have an inspector in after every issue we find has been addressed by the builder.

Also, how can an inspector verify if a window is sealed? That's one of my specific examples. If a faulty window is replaced by another faulty window and no symptoms are showing up until weather conditions occur which expose them, but then warranty is up.

A home inspector isn't a solution from my experience. Only part of a homeowner trying to do their due diligence.
You can not inspect any home in 2 hours. The problem for new home buyers is that good experienced new home warranty inspectors are few and far between.

And no, a good home inspection is a new home buyers only solution for identifying a new homes -

1) Poor workmanship issues.
2) To identify missing items.
3) Visible code violations.
And 4) To provide a full explanation of what and why things are a problem and to go over in detail things like the HRV, furnace, etc.

As well - there is no point in having a new home inspection done for you unless you are there to participate during the inspection.

It's true - that many new homes built by the larger builders are fine, with few issues noted BUT there are very many that are not fine with missing items, poor workmanship issues, clearance problems between exterior vents, thinks not functioning properly, etc. etc. etc.

To answer your questions - You should be able to see if the caulking was done or not AND windows with lost seals can not always be identified.
For the new home warranty inspection services you need and deserve call Andy Shaw at 905 876 4761

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