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Old 2020-05-20, 06:37 PM
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Default Hire own HVAC for 30 day issue?

Hi All

One of the items on our 30 day was that the thermostat wire was not hooked to the A/C unit. Our builder cannot send in a maintenance person until the emergency order is lifted and that could go on for the whole summer really. Is there anything stopping me from hiring out the work myself? I am just wondering if there is something I am not considering like it breaking any future warranty claims? My daughter's allergies are terrible and having all the windows open is just unbearable for her.
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Old 2020-05-29, 05:04 PM
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your builder CHOOSES to not send a maintenance person. Home repair like this is an essential service and they can absolutely fix your A/C.

you can choose to hire someone to fix it, and there is no warranty implication as long as whoever you hire doesn't break anything.

your builder does not install A/C with their own staff. It's subbed out. if they refuse to send someone to fix it, ask them who they sub out to and call them to repair it. you may be able to get the sub to send the repair bill to the builder, but more likely you'll have to pay it and probably won't get reimbursed.

this "repair" sounds like it should be simple enough for a sophisticated homeowner to accomplish, so the likelihood of a tradesman breaking something should be low.
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