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Old 2011-10-28, 03:21 PM
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Default Tamarack – myth about fully ducted HRV

Hey guys, just let you know that Tamarack HRV installation is not really “fully” ducted. Based on that http://www.cmhc.ca/publications/en/rh-pr/tech/96215.htm Tamarack call “Extended HRV installation” as fully ducted.
Fully ducted do not connect with furnace air lines at all, that why it called “fully”.

It is really easy to check, just go in basement and see if any pipes from HRV unit connected with furnace air line.

The fully ducted system is really, really expensive. And most builders do not install it.
For example Braebury homes by default make “Simplified Standard HRV Installation”. For extra $1000+ they will tell you that in will be fully ducted. But actually it will be “Extended HRV installation” like in Tamarack.

If some builder will tell you that they will install fully ducted HRV system, just ask then “Should I turn on furnace fan when HRV working?”. If answer is “Yes”, then system is not fully ducted.

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Old 2011-10-29, 02:50 PM
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Confirmed, mine's the HRV extended installation also.
Builder: Tamarack Homes
Location: Chaperal (Orleans)
House: Avon 4E
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