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Old 2007-03-06, 08:50 AM
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Default The process

We are just wondering if we have done everything correct so far. This is our first house so we are quite unsure of the process.

We went to Mattamy and signed all the agreements.Got approved for a loan Gave our 15,000 that Mattamy required. Then contacted a lawyer and had some changes made. We then went back to Mattamy to have the changes approved. Which they were. They then called us with a welcome package and we picked it up. What do we do not. Do we have to go back and sign anything else or is it just a waiting game now.

As we have not heard a think from anybody.

Thank you

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Old 2007-03-06, 09:06 AM
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So far that is about it. They will take out the the remaining deposits in the next little while. You will eventually receive a call to book your structural design appointment. Make sure you know what you want before your appointment. Then sometime after that you will have the design appointment. How soon your appointments are will depend on your closing date. Don't worry they will contact you. You should also receive a card in the mail with a drawing of your house and what your actual address will be.
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Old 2007-03-07, 12:31 AM
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You will receive a call to come pick up your design catalog, which is a price list of various options you can have, including architectural styles (for example alternate bedroom or kitchen layouts) and decorative stuff like hardwood floors and ceramics. This is to prepare you for your structural and design appointments, which will occur within the next 6-8 weeks (spaced about a month apart).

It will help you to be as prepared as possible. Visit the design centre during open house sessions (weekends) and have a look at the walls of cabinet styles, countertops, hardwoods and ceramics. Ask for a tour, and the girl there will show you what comes standard in your house and what you might consider upgrading. You have tons to choose from among the "standard" selections, but there are also lots of upgrade options, and they are tiered (upgrade 1, upgrade 2, etc.) Your design catalog will give you model-specific pricing on these upgrades.

Ask the design consultant for a copy of the color selection worksheet. It is a big 11x17 sheet of paper which you can use to jot down what you like in terms of cabinets, ceramic styles, hardwoods, paint, etc.

Visit (and re-visit) as often as you need to until you get all your selections worked out. They will thank you profusely to have this (or an equivalent of your own choosing) all filled out and ready to go when it comes time to choose your color selections.

Read this forum thoroughly to get a feel for their practices and prices. There is at least one other major Mattamy community forum out there, read that one thoroughly too, but with a grain of salt as different communities have different policies.

You will also be contacted by the construction office to come meet your builder and have what they call a "pre-con" meeting (pre-construction?). The builder will show you the architectural plans and confirm with you locations of electrical and utility outlets, the placement of your house on your lot, locations of fire hydrants and utilities, stuff like that.

And soon you will receive an invitation to attend "Mattamy University" which is an orientation session where they will show PowerPoint slides describing the community, the construction process, different people will give short speeches, and you will get to meet your future neighbors.

About 6-8 weeks before your closing date you will be invited to your frame walk. Prior to that, I suggest taking pictures of your house construction progress (if it's accessible) on a roughly weekly basis. The security guards will not let you get out of your car, but they should let you drive through and take pictures (especially if you tell them you're a homeowner).

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