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Old 2009-09-03, 09:49 PM
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Smile Answer found: Lennox furnace/Ventilation Syst. Red and Green Lights Blinking.

******* ANSWER FOUND *********

I was trying to look for the installation instructions of the furnace to see if there are diagnostics for the blinking lights. I did not find one but my neighbor who has the same furnace has his and I was able to read that when both lights simultaneously slow flash, that means that "the Power is on - Normal operation".

So I presume that everything is ok. I am surprised that Lennox let lights blinking to signal that all things are fine. I am expecting blinking lights, especially when there is a red one, that there is something wrong. Anyway, this make me think about an episode of the Simpson where Homer, the inventor, invents a device that is on and ringing like a smoke detector all the time to signal that everything is good. LOL.

Sorry for being a little bit too alarmist.

Thanks for reading the post anyway.

M & M

******* ORIGINAL MESSAGE *********

Hi all,

I did some work near my furnace and noticed that there are two lights, one red and one green, blinking in the back of it, near the bottom. If not for the work i was doing around the unit I would not have noticed it because everything seem to be working fine. The AC is, in my opinion, working fine and I do not smell gas or anything that may be leaking.

The lights keep blinking even when the system is not functioning after I shut down the ventilation completely through the thermostat.

Can someone tell me what are those blinking lights for? what the blinking means? What problem that could represent and how to have it checked and fixed if it is a problem?

The furnace I have is a Lennox G43 and I also have a Lennox AC installed as well. The system is linked to a Honeywell thermostat.

Thanks for any info regarding the situation.

M & M

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Old 2009-09-04, 08:24 PM
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Thumbs up

Thanks for the update!

I noticed the same red & green blinking on our Lennox furnace the other day too. Good to hear that this is just normal operation.
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Old 2009-09-05, 09:27 AM
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Word of advise, All of todays modern furnaces have diagnostic leds, some red,green or yellow. If you ever have a no heat situation DO NOT cycle your thermostat or reset the power to your furnace before you hvac tech gets to the home to see the problem.... We need to see these codes to determine what your problem might be, reseting will often erase the code and alow the furnace to run, delaying the enevitable shut down... You can try to record the codes but its been my experience that many can't count the codes properly or can not see the difference between a "heart beat,slow flash and fast flash code.."

hope this helps in the future
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