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Old 2012-08-14, 05:19 PM
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Default Maybe moving to Kingston

Hi There

We are thinking of moving to Kingston Ontario and buying a new home. We are planning a trip next month to get to know the city a bit and look at some houses. We have a child and a dog, so we are thinking of either east or west on a nice street close to a good school and some amenities, such as stores and parks.

I would love to hear any and all advice from people who have bought a custom home. The Tamarack Bristol looks nice as do some of the Braebury homes. There appears to be some for sale that are already occupied. Would we be better off buying one that is already built? What about "early occupancy"? Good deal or better to buy your own and customize it? Even with hst?

Any words of wisdom on Kingston in general would also be appreciated
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Old 2012-10-25, 11:13 PM
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Havn't purchased a custom home, however work with and know many who have from mentioned builders. The consensus is that you will get better build quality with Tamarack than with Braebury. That being said I believe Tamarack currently only builds on the east side of Kingston, while Braebury is concentrated on the west side. I am partial to the west end of kingston.....seems to be more ammenities close by. I guess it depends on your work location and your expectation of proximity to work, shopping, parks, schools.......
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Old 2012-10-31, 09:31 AM
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We have lived in a Braebury (our first home) and a Tamarack currently. We live in the west end. Our Tamarack is located in Woodhaven.

Had had no problems with our Braebury whatsoever and considered building with them again; however, we LOVE our Tamarack and would probably never live in another house.

Tamarack builds on both ends of Kingston as does Braebury. I am also partial to the west end because it is close to everyting.
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Old 2012-11-02, 09:23 AM
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I'm from Kingston and I've lived in both ends of town. We're currently in the west end. East is beautiful too, but if you want quick and easy access to big box stores and retail - the west end is far more convenient.

The one thing I would recommend you keep in mind is that both Tamarack and Braebury are large corporations - as with many builders. The tradespeople who are hired to build these homes are hired mostly due to the fact they were the 'cheapest' when submitting their quotes to the builder. As a result, you typically don't get seasoned pros building your home. Instead, you get a lot of young guys who are, in the words of our own builder - "doing it as a job, not as an art or a trade".

Our first house was built with a small local builder and we had no problems. Our second house was built by a large builder and while we haven't had anything MAJOR to report, there have been a lot of issues and some real sloppy workmanship.

It also depends on how knowledgeable and picky you are. There are happy homeowners on my street who don't seem to realize their roof looks like it was installed by my three year old. There are also others like me who get mad when they see sloppy duct runs in the basement or an HRV that was installed incorrectly.

Just stay alert!
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